OAI & Adjust Max Hours

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Updates for Buyers and Providers 

  • References to Trust and Safety and Workers’ Compensation are being updated to Occupational Accident Insurance or OAI.  No functional or policy change. This is a name change only.
  • Types of Work were previously listed alphabetically, without separation. Now, they are grouped by industry. 
  • Residential Services was added as a new Type of Work.  

Updates for Buyers

  • The Adjust Max Hours option was added back to the pay card based on customer feedback after it was removed in a recent pay card update. This button allows the buyer to easily adjust the maximum hours allowed per work order to match what the provider has actually logged. As a result, buyers can cap the maximum amount of money they are exposed to paying. 
  • Type of work is now grouped by industry: Types of work were previously listed without separation alphabetically.  They are now grouped by Industry.