Product Update – March 2016

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This product update will take effect on March 18, 2016. The following release notes detail the changes available with this new update. Please contact your Field Nation representative with any questions regarding this release.


  1. Adding tasks to multiple work orders
  2. Mass upload and routing of providers
  3. Global Templates and  other additional enhancements

Adding Tasks to multiple work orders: 

Often projects consist of hundreds of work orders which at times need to be appended with information after the work orders have been created. Elevate allows you to make changes in the work order scope of work, site location, contact person, contact number and custom fields.

The latest update now also enables you to add/edit tasks in work orders after the fact. Thus, using the mass edit feature, you can now add one or more tasks to multiple work orders at one go. The feature also allows you to specify if the task needs to be done pre-site visit or on-site or post-site visit and helps you re-organize the tasks in the work order. While work orders can be edited at any stage i.e. draft, published, assigned; if assigned this change will trigger a message to the assigned provider.

Step 1- Select work orders you wish to edit and click on Edit button as shown below: 

mass edit task 10.8-ver1

Step 2 –  Add tasks to multiple work orders by selecting stage (pre/post/during) and add task details mass edit task 10.8_1_ver1


Mass upload and routing to providers: 

Project Management in Elevate enabled buyers to mass upload work order details. The in-built match making logic mapped fields and helped users select values either from a template or a spreadsheet as per project requirement.

Users can now also include one or more provider user ids in a site list upload and have the created work orders routed directly to those users on the platform making the entire operation quick and efficient. 

Mass provider route _10.8




Additional product enhancements:

  • Project templates in Elevate were designed to be associated with a particular project. This meant that one could not share the same template between multiple projects. Now, you can assign global templates to multiple projects
  • Providers who have been background checked by ‘Blue Ribbon’ can be easily identified in the Elevate platform via a badge on their profile. This information can also be included in selection rules, added to activity reports and used to filter provider search.
  • Buyers can now track USPS shipping details in Elevate


We hope you find these changes useful. If you have any queries about these changes, please contact your CSM /Sales representative or the Field Nation Support team.