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IoT device installation covered in all 50 states with labor marketplace

When an on-site IT service and consulting provider needed to complete over 2500 work orders across all 50 states for their international restaurant chain client, they used Field Nation to find skilled techs they could trust.


total work orders


fulfillment rate

< 3

avg time to assignment


1274 sites across 50 states



10 months





IT field service provider and consultant supporting international restaurant chain.


  • IoT device installation
  • Low-voltage cable pulling & installation
  • Low-voltage cable termination
  • Network equipment configuration
  • Cable troubleshooting and testing


Manage national rollout of critical connected devices

An on-site implementation service provider who specializes in IT services and consulting was tasked with a massive IoT device installation project:

  • Their client, an international restaurant chain, was transitioning to a new environment monitoring system that required on-site sensors to be installed at every location across the country.
  • This provider needed technicians with specialized skills in low-voltage cabling and network configuration across vast geographic locations while maintaining quality workmanship and quick responses to service requests.


On-demand labor using a labor marketplace

This IT field service provider achieved exceptional results while meeting the needs of their restaurant client, successfully executing an IoT device installation and configuration project.

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, offers access to a nationwide network of skilled, on-demand IT technicians that companies can trust to do great work.


Scalability, efficiency, and on-site quality

Faster response time

Requests for technicians were fulfilled at a rate of 98% for this project. On average, those skilled techs were vetted and selected to complete work in less than 3 days of job details posted on the marketplace. This included 1200+ cities across all 50 states.

Reliable quality

Independent technicians found on the marketplace showcased their expertise, earning an average 4.95-star rating throughout the project, reflecting quality service and their ability to execute complex IoT device installations and configuration.

Optimized workflow

Coordinating client and technician availability was seamless. 2500+ work orders (600 in just one month) were posted and closed on the marketplace. Pay rates were competitive and manageable, informed by real-time local averages using MarketSmart™ Insights.

See how Field Nation can support your next IoT installation project