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Integrator becomes go-to support for on-site LV troubleshooting and repair

To provide reliable and continuous low-voltage cable troubleshooting and repair support for their international restaurant client, a leading integrator uses on-demand labor and the #1 labor marketplace of IT technicians.


total work orders


fulfillment rate


avg tech rating


753 sites across all 50 states and Washington, D.C.



2+ years





Solutions integrator supporting an international restaurant chain.


  • Advanced low-voltage cabling
  • Low-voltage cable termination
  • Low-voltage cable pulling & installation
  • Low-voltage cable troubleshooting
  • Network equipment troubleshooting
  • Printer diagnosis & repair


Prompt response for work sites across the U.S.

A leading integrator needed to ensure their availability for ongoing on-site support could meet fluctuating demand and timely response requirements:

  • Their client, an international restaurant chain, operates fast paced services across hundreds of locations. When operational issues arise, they need a partner to manage complex work quickly and minimize downtime.
  • This provider needed skilled technicians they could trust to do great work and represent their brand while on-site.


On-demand labor using a labor marketplace

This leading solutions integrator achieved exceptional results while meeting the needs of their restaurant client, successfully providing on-site low-voltage cabling troubleshooting and repair support for two years (and counting).

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, offers access to a nationwide network of skilled, on-demand IT technicians that companies can trust to do great work.


Scalability, efficiency, and on-site quality

Nationwide scalability

Using on-demand labor through the Field Nation marketplace, the integrator is able to efficiently manage and rapidly scale its continuous on-site support to meet fluctuating demand, completing an average 80 work orders each month.

Quality work outcomes

To date, this integrator as given an average 4.98-star rating to skilled techs found on Field Nation. The platform’s skill-matching capabilities ensured the right technician with the necessary skills was assigned to each work order, contributing to their success.

Operational efficiency

On average, techs responded to posted work orders in under four hours. This rapid response time paired with an impressive 95.5% fulfillment rate meant minimimal downtime and seamless operation of the restaurant chain’s IT infrastructure.

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