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Leading IT company upgrades POS systems across 850 retail sites

To efficiently manage and execute a large-scale project for their nationwide retail client, an IT field service company uses on-demand labor and the #1 labor marketplace of IT technicians.


total work orders


fulfillment rate


avg tech rating


850 sites across 36 states



4 months





IT field service provider supporting a nationwide fashion retailer.


  • Point-of-sale (POS) install & uninstall
  • POS equipment configuration
  • POS repair & diagnosis
  • IT technology/communications
  • Network installation services
  • Cable decommissioning
  • New store cabling installation


Quickly complete 1100+ jobs across 850+ sites

An on-site field services provider faced the challenge of orchestrating a complex project that required a widespread presence and rapid response:

  • Their client, an athletic-inspired fashion retailer, operates more than 1000 locations across the United States necessitating simultaneous work order execution in diverse urban and remote settings.
  • This provider needed to efficiently dispatch skilled technicians to address the unique requirements of each site while also maintaining a high-quality on-site customer experience.


On-demand labor using a labor marketplace

This leading IT support and services company achieved exceptional results while meeting the needs of their retail client, successfully executing a POS upgrade, installation, and configuration project.

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, offers access to a nationwide network of skilled, on-demand IT technicians that companies can trust to do great work.


Scalability, efficiency, and on-site quality

Faster response time

On average, technicians were vetted and selected to complete work within 3 days of job details posted on the marketplace, including 120 remote locations. Enhanced response time and high fulfillment rate minimized disruptions to their client’s operations.

Reliable quality

Independent technicians found on the marketplace showcased their expertise, earning an average 5-star rating throughout the project, reflecting quality service and their ability to execute complex POS hardware installations and repairs.

Optimized workflow

Platform features like tech evaluations and in-app messaging enabled ongoing communication. Real-time visibility into local market rates was made possible by using MarketSmart™ Insights which kept costs manageable and competitive nationwide.

See how Field Nation can support your next POS project