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Leading MSP installs Wireless Access Points at over 1200 retail locations

To efficiently manage and execute a large-scale WAP installation project for their nationwide retail client, a leading MSP uses on-demand labor and the #1 labor marketplace of IT technicians.


total work orders


fulfillment rate


avg tech rating


1235 cities across 50 states



10 months





Managed services provider supporting a global discount retailer.


  • Wireless Access Point installation
  • Aerial lift operation (lift-certified)
  • Wireless equipment installation
  • Wireless equipment troubleshooting
  • Low-voltage cable testing
  • Network cabling services
  • Managed services for retail


Specialized (and certified) skills at scale

A trusted technology deployment specialist looked beyond traditional labor options to support a massive WAP installation project:

  • Their client, a leading retail corporation, needed to install new Wireless Access Points at more than 1200 sites across the country, including a diverse mix of remote and metro locations.
  • This provider was searching for technicians who were experienced, lift-certified, and could be trusted to represent their brand while on-site.


On-demand labor using a labor marketplace

This leading integrator achieved exceptional results while meeting the needs of their big-box retail client, successfully coordinating a national wireless rollout project.

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field services, offers access to a nationwide network of skilled, on-demand IT technicians that companies can trust to do great work.


Scalability, efficiency, and on-site quality

Rapid response times

On average, techs responded to posted work orders in less than a day. This rapid response time paired with an impressive 95.6% fulfillment rate meant techs were on-site and completing work faster than third-party options.

Quality work outcomes

More than 1100 skilled (and certified) technicians completed work for this project, collectively earning an average 4.95-star rating. Clear expectations and consistent communication through Field Nation were key to delivering top-quality on-site service.

Operational efficiency

With the help of Field Nation, an average of 400 work orders were completed each month. Controlling costs was also easy with data-driven insights guiding a competitive bid strategy made possible by using MarketSmart™ Insights.

See how Field Nation can support your next WAP installation project