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4 Hottest Skills for Cabling Technicians in 2023

May 23, 2023


Behind every wireless device is…a wire. And, nobody knows that better than cabling technicians. But here’s something many people seem to forget: Behind every wire is the technician who pulls and installs, tests and inspects, troubleshoots and maintains it.

As the unsung heroes of digital transformation, you have the knowledge, experience, (and hand tools!) everyone needs. But you may not have a window into which skills are most likely to help your business or career gain traction in the marketplace.

Which cabling skills are in the highest demand? Field Nation’s data gives independent technicians and businesses more than just a clue.


1. All Things Low-Voltage

The demand for low-voltage cabling continues to rise, especially in retail. Store openings—as well as upgrades and remodels—remain strong. Thanks to the growth of self-checkout and mobile checkout, thousands of feet of low-voltage cable will be pulled and installed to support all kinds of additions to the shopping experience from point-of-sale systems to digital displays. Of course, that also means technicians will be needed for low-voltage cable testing and cable termination. 


2. A Network to the Future

Connected devices now number in the billions. Expanding fast and resilient network infrastructure depends on technicians with experience in network equipment rack and stack, network equipment configuration, as well as running and terminating the Cat5, Cat6, and, for big data centers, Cat8. Your customers’ data networking needs are growing, and high-quality  video requires high-speed infrastructure most companies don’t yet have—but will definitely need.


3. Why Not Wireless?

That’s the question most of your potential customers are now asking. Devices that depend on internet connectivity are multiplying everywhere, and wireless is considered more desirable. That translates into opportunity for technicians who are experts in wireless equipment installation and configuration, fiber cable, and the devices that connect to the 5G cellular broadband capability that is becoming more available every day. 


4. The Internet of (even more) Things

Security systems, IoT sensors, screens, signs, wireless devices, mobile points of sale and inventory—more of the things we use are smart—and connected to the internet. This is especially true in retail. The “population” of the Internet of Things continues to grow, and the market for technology integration and field services that make a seamless and personalized digital world possible is red hot.


With these skills, you can rise above the rest. Cabling gives you a great foothold in the marketplace, one that’s perfect for growing and expanding your business. Finding available field service technicians isn’t easy. That puts experienced and independent professionals like you at an advantage. Labor shortages aren’t going away, and they can motivate your customers to offer higher rates and approve work orders more quickly. Unsure of how to highlight your most marketable skills on your profile or resume? Check out these tips for doing just that!

As our lives become more digitized, the demand for the equipment and expertise needed to expand our technology infrastructure will continue to grow. Your skills aren’t just nice to have—they’re essential for any business committed to moving ahead. That’s why there’s no doubt you’ll be there laying the future, one foot at a time.

Are you leveraging your in-demand skills with potential customers?

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