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How to build and manage client relationships

February 22, 2019


Building solid relationships with clients is one of the keys to finding more work as a contractor. By forming bonds with your clients, you keep yourself at the top of their minds when they’re looking to fill jobs. So here are our top tips for building those bonds and making sure you stand out in the marketplace.

Do good work

The simplest way to build good client relationships is to do great work.

This may seem obvious, but if you perform work as it’s written, show up on time, and execute a flawless work order, you increase the odds that a client will be pleased with your work. Not only does this make you look good, but it also allows you to follow up and ask for feedback. If that feedback is positive, you have a chance to build a continuing relationship with the client that could lead to more work. Good work goes beyond what’s written on the work order, too, it also means being professional onsite with the manager and being a good representative of the client’s company. (Keep in mind you should never mention Field Nation onsite because you’re there to represent the client’s work, not the platform.)

Be willing to take cheaper work when you’re starting out

We understand that it can be frustrating to get started when you don’t have any work orders fulfilled yet. That’s why we recommend opting to take a few lower pay or lower skill jobs to build up your profile and make yourself more appealing to clients.

As with any freelancing or contracting business, it takes time to build up a portfolio of quality work and reviews. Starting out with smaller jobs or less pay can help you make connections, build relationships, and move into a higher tier of pay and work. Taking one or two of these jobs at the start and knocking them out of the park can help you grow your business faster than waiting for the “perfect” work to come your way. Keep in mind, you’re competing with a stellar marketplace full of contractors and it can take time to stand out.

Be as professional as possible

The little things matter when you’re working to make an impression.

Showing up in professional clothing and performing the work as stated with a friendly manner can go a long way in building bonds with clients. If their end-client is happy with your performance, chances are they will hear about it and be more likely to hire you again. The best way to get consistent work is to get into a client’s “talent pool” of their favorite technicians. This gives you an advantage by not only giving you more chances for work but also giving you first dibs on work that the client sends out to their list.

Being professional on-site as well as on-platform goes a long way to helping form that relationship and establish trust.

Write reviews for clients

The truth is, the technicians who go above and beyond are the ones who get the most work. One of the best ways to do this is to always leave a review for your client. Let them know what you liked about the work order. Was it easy to follow? Were they quick to respond to your questions? Writing a review helps you stand out in their mind. (It also makes it more likely that you will get a positive review from them, which helps you stand out for other potential clients.)

Network outside of the platform

Are you working on building relationships outside of the Field Nation Marketplace? If not, start networking with other providers and potential clients off-platform.

If you can meet more people and spread the word about your work in your everyday life, the chances of finding consistent work increase. In some cases, you can even ask a new client if they’d be willing to work with you via Field Nation to make it easier for you to manage your work and your finances.

No matter where you work with clients, though, finding ways to connect with more people every day is a surefire way to increase your business.

Gain skills

If you’re still struggling to find work on the Marketplace, another great way to increase your odds of being seen is by increasing your skills.

The skills listed on your profile determine which searches you appear for. So, if there is a skill you’ve been wanting to learn or a certification you’ve wanted to get, it’s worth investing in yourself. Making your skills as broad as possible increases your opportunities for work, and more opportunities mean more chances for you to impress new clients.

Be thoughtful

The best way to stay at the top of a client’s mind is to be thoughtful and courteous. Just as you would with friends or coworkers, remember what that client likes about your work. Go the extra mile when you get the chance to work with them again.

Additionally, if you’ve formed a lasting relationship with a business, send them an email thanking them for the opportunities they’ve given you over the past year.

“It’s all about how you treat buyers who treat you best” – A 13-year veteran on the Field Nation platform

Always be working to improve your working relationships so that when a new job comes across their desk, you’re the first one that comes to mind.



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