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11 ways to get more work on Field Nation

August 3, 2020


Over 23,000 work orders flow through the Field Nation marketplace every week. Buyers are always on the lookout for high-quality, dependable technicians to help them service their clients.

And while establishing yourself with these buyers takes time, there’s a lot you can do to build traction more quickly. Your success is only limited by your willingness to put in the time and effort.

Here’s what top technicians do to land more jobs on Field Nation.

1. Understand the buyer’s point of view

Think about the types of questions buyers are asking themselves when selecting a technician: 

  • Is this person reliable and honest?
  • How well will they represent us in the field? 
  • Are they skilled and proficient in their work?
  • Will they get the job done on time and on budget?

The better you understand what buyers are looking for, the easier it will be to position yourself as the right fit.

2. Build a great profile

An up-to-date, accurate profile increases the chance of being matched with work orders and being found by buyers.

Your profile tells your unique story — why you do what you do, the problems you solve, and the value you bring to the table.

A strong profile includes:

  • Summary — a high-level view of your experience and skills.
  • Photo — a professional-looking photo increases your likelihood of getting work by 38 percent. 
  • Industry experience — your industry background and the types of work you do.
  • Employment history — your work experience, highlighting the job duties most relevant to the types of work you want to do.
  • Skills — a profile with skills listed is 63 percent more likely to get work. 
  • Licenses and certifications — specific credentials are required for some jobs.
    • Note: We’re always looking for qualified, licensed electricians and CISCO-certified technicians. With an active license or certification, you can position yourself for more opportunities, and ultimately more money, on the Field Nation platform.
  • Equipment — technicians that list their tools are 67 percent more likely to get work.
  • Education — degrees, training programs, and apprenticeships.

3. Get a background check

Make sure you have an updated background check on your profile (within the past 12 months). Technicians with background checks get two times more work orders and make twice as much money as those without background checks.

An old background check can be the difference between a client choosing you, or choosing someone else. Some clients even filter their results based on background checks. Also, make sure you completed a recent drug screen. Some companies require clients to only choose technicians with a clean drug screen. By making sure you meet as many qualifications as possible, you increase your chance of appearing in more searches every day.

4. Be proactive

There are two primary ways to seek out opportunities in the marketplace.

Routed work orders

Some businesses will “blast” work orders to many providers in an area. The more often you check for new opportunities, the greater the chance that you’ll be the first to respond and get the job. Keep in mind that there’s no bidding process for routed work orders.

To ensure that you’re always up to speed on new jobs, set your account notifications to receive email and text alerts. The Field Nation mobile app also makes it easy to find and accept jobs while out in the field.

Available work orders

Apply for as many available work orders as possible and be sure to check the available work orders screen frequently — companies needing to meet SLAs may be looking to assign work that same day.

When you find a work order that’s a good fit, simply click “request.” Include an additional message and ETA to help set yourself apart.

5. Try landing smaller jobs first

If you’re new to the marketplace and are struggling to find work, try going after a few small jobs first.

Our platform matches technicians to work orders based on many factors. So, even if you have experience but you’re new to Field Nation, you might need to do a few smaller jobs to build up your profile before going for bigger work.

Any small job can help you build your qualifications if it’s done right. Plus, the more work you do, the more you improve your profile in our algorithm, which means you’re more likely to appear as one of the top technicians when clients are searching.

6. Do good work.

Buyers often prefer to route projects to a pool of trusted technicians before sending them out to the entire marketplace. Your goal should be to make the cut by doing great work on every single job.

Demonstrating excellence is more than just doing what’s written on the work order. It means:

  • Making sure that you understand the job, have the right tools with you on site, and know the buyer’s requirements and expectations. 
  • Making a great impression and being a true professional throughout every step of the engagement.
  • Closing work orders with detailed notes and photos.

7. Build relationships with buyers

Business is all about relationships. Take the time to set yourself apart by creating a deeper connection with each buyer. When a new job comes across their desk, you want to be the first technician that comes to mind.

  • After closing out each work order, thank the buyer for the opportunity and ask if it’s possible to join their preferred provider network. 
  • Write a buyer review. What did you like about the work order? Was it easy to follow? Were they quick to respond to your questions?
  • Be thoughtful and courteous, just as you would with friends or coworkers.

8. Network with other technicians

Another way to land more work is to talk to other technicians. Other technicians can be a great source of information. Ask them how they get most of their work,  how they position themselves on the marketplace, and how they find high-paying jobs. 

Technicians can also help out other technicians by taking their extra work. For example, if they know a client who has an open job but they can’t do the job themselves, they can refer you. 

There are also numerous online forums that can connect technicians on the Field Nation marketplace. Let others know that you’re available to assist on work orders that need more than one technician, and reciprocate by referring others for projects whenever possible.

Learning from other technicians is one of the best ways to improve your skills and get new ideas for how to improve your standing in the marketplace.

9. Get an Employee Identification Number (EIN)

An Employee Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the IRS that’s used to identify a business entity. It’s not necessary to use an EIN if you’re contracting work through Field Nation (you can also just use your social security number) but there are several benefits to using one. Perhaps most importantly, it can help you get more work: some businesses that use Field Nation, especially enterprise companies, require proof that you operate as a business in order to assign you work. Using an EIN is a fast, free, and easy way to help meet that requirement.

Benefits of getting an EIN include:

  • Protection from identity theft
  • It allows you to open a business bank account and establish business credit
  • Business loan applications are easier
  • Did we mention that getting one is free, easy, and doesn’t take much time?

10. Join a service company

Being part of a “service company” or “registered service company” can open up new work opportunities.

  • Service Companies let you partner with other techs, helping you build loyalty with buyers and build repeat business.
  • Registered Service Companies give you access to work that is exclusively available to these types of organizations.

11. Keep an eye out for Managed Recruitment opportunities

If you’re invited to participate in a Managed Recruitment, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity. A Managed Recruitment is an invitation-only opportunity for technicians in our community that have specific experience or qualifications.

Respond to any requests for additional information quickly and thoroughly. You’ll be well-positioned to compete for work that isn’t available to the general Field Nation marketplace.


In conclusion, success in the Field Nation marketplace is all about putting yourself out there in the best light possible, proactively seeking new opportunities, and doing the best work you’re capable of. 

Want to share your own tips about how you’ve gotten more work on Field Nation? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at [email protected].


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