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The State of Independent Contracting in IT Field Services

April 6, 2023



The workforce is changing fast. Businesses and workers alike are rethinking employment, job norms and work-life balance. Across many industries, including field service, workers opt for independent contractor roles to have more control over their work and their time.


We recently surveyed over 800 independent technicians and analyzed industry trends to gain insights into the current contracting landscape in field services. Field Nation founder and CEO, Mynul Khan, will share key findings from our study in a live webinar on April 6 at noon Central.


  • Who chooses to contract in field services and how that informs their work preferences.
  • Trends in the field service workforce and how they affect contract technicians.
  • Why 98% of respondents prefer independent contracting in some capacity, and 4 out of 5 IT field service independent contractors are satisfied with their work.
  • Reasons technicians choose field service contracting and what would cause them to change.

Watch the webinar on-demand


Mynul Khan

Recognizing the growing need for businesses and independent workers to easily connect, Mynul Khan founded Field Nation in 2008, completely changing the landscape for on-site service work. His leadership has turned a once-budding startup into an enterprise-level offering that’s processed over $1B in transactions. With a degree in Computer Science and a background in programming and data analysis, Mynul continues to expand Field Nation’s platform to allow businesses to grow their service delivery model, and maximize their profitability in the process.


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