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The definitive guide to field service trends in 2023

January 30, 2023


As the threat of a potential recession looms, continued demand for field services from the retail sector is putting pressure on field service leaders to deliver in what will be a volatile 2023. This means the savvy field service leader needs insight into multiple verticals to assess current state and develop a holistic, strategic perspective on the industry’s health and direction.


Using data from the tens of thousands of work orders facilitated by Field Nation in 2022, as well as insights from previous moments of economic uncertainty, our 2023 definitive guide to field service will give you that type of insight and actionable takeaways.

  • The post-COVID recovery period has seen strong growth in infrastructure work (networking and cabling) driven by digitization efforts in retail.
  • In a potential recession scenario, complex projects and infrastructure will take a more dramatic hit and take longer to rebound. But infrastructure will recover the strongest on the other side of a recession scenario.
  • Field service companies can strengthen their readiness by getting granular about their markets, competing on customer experience (CX), and ensuring their organizations are agile.

"The savvy field service leader needs insight into multiple verticals to develop a holistic, strategic perspective on the industry’s health and direction."


Wael Mohammed

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Wael Mohammed

Wael Mohammed has been in the technology industry for three decades. He has held leadership roles in startups and large enterprises, including SPS Commerce, IBM, and Target. Wael is currently the Executive Vice President of Product Management & Strategy at Field Nation, and oversees strategy, product management, product design, and data science. He is a master in identifying product and market growth opportunities, taking new products to market, and maximizing product performance.


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