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The State of Independent Contracting in IT Field Services

Growth in independent contracting changes how businesses and field service professionals connect to get work done.

March 9, 2023


The workforce is changing fast. Businesses and workers alike are rethinking employment, job norms and work-life balance. Across many industries, including field service, workers are opting for independent contractor roles to have more control over their work and their time.


To gain insights into the contracting landscape in field services, we partnered with independent research firm Radius to survey over 800 independent technicians. Download our research study: The State of Independent Contracting in Field Services to learn more.


  • How trends in field services and the nature of contract work are evolving, posing new opportunities.
  • Who chooses to contract in field services and how that informs their work preferences.
  • Why 98% of respondents prefer independent contracting in some capacity, and 4 out of 5 IT field service independent contractors are satisfied with their work.
  • Reasons technicians choose field service contracting and what would cause them to change.

See the full results of this ground-breaking research

"Overall, contractors find it easier to align their work with their top priorities, leading to increased job engagement and a willingness to continue their work."

Source: Radius - Field Nation 2022 Independent Contractor Study

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Field Nation is the leading on-demand labor platform connecting businesses and service professionals to get work done. Learn more about how it works for businesses and how it works for technicians.



Radius is a full-service marketing research company and consultancy that focuses on understanding the critical points of a brand’s growth journey to help drive long term success.


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