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De-risking an on-demand talent strategy

February 26, 2023


Over the past five years, on-demand talent platforms have moved from the periphery to the core of the business world.


But there’s a growing disconnect. Where service leaders see promise, leaders in Legal, HR, IT, and Procurement see risk. Our new white paper offers insights into mitigating these risks.


  • Understand common misperceptions about the risks of on-demand talent and how to overcome them.
  • Discover how on-demand talent platforms can help address potential risks and concerns.
  • Explore how on-demand talent platforms can balance cost efficiency, control, and coverage while reducing risk.

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The risk equation is changing.

"To compete in the years ahead, companies must do better. They’ll have to acknowledge and embrace the full potential of digital talent platforms."

Rethinking the On-Demand Workforce


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