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Improving efficiency with integrations

September 13, 2019


Field service is not, and never will be, a one-size-fits-all industry. At Field Nation, we believe that custom needs require custom solutions. Our client is a national technology deployment company and needed access to a nationally based technician network. They needed support for a custom integration with their existing software provider, Field Point.

We spoke with their Director of Vendor Management to discuss how Field Nation’s out-of-the-box integration solution enables this client to work in both Field Point and Field Nation, without having to duplicate data entry, as well as how they use the Field Nation marketplace to source talent. 

Understanding our clients’ needs

Our client needed access to a specific pool of talent. Instead of looking for someone with 20 years of cabling experience, they needed lower-skilled talent to fulfill less demanding work. The client was challenged to find reliable workers willing to complete short, simple projects for lower hourly rates than more complex work orders. Faced with projects where they simply require a technician who can follow directions and will accept lower pay, they were stuck. In addition, they needed a platform that could integrate well with their current Field Service Management tool, Field Point. Combined, these obstacles made them unable to accept any more projects.

“We were missing out on project opportunities of this type without access to this technician database because our traditional labor market was not competitive enough with the pricing.”

Accessing unique talent

Our customer turned to the Field Nation marketplace to source skilled talent. With access to our marketplace, they were able to say yes to more projects, and save on labor costs, and meeting SLAs. Some of the Field Nation features they found most valuable include: 

  • Selection rules
  • Talent pools
  • Recruitment tools
  • Navigation and Flightboard 

Leveraging integrations

Aside from wanting to leverage our technician network, this client needed support integrating Field Nation with their existing software. They turned to our out-of-the-box integration solution to increase the operational efficiency of project management. Originally, the client had to enter information for a work order within Field Point, and then again within Field Nation. The team at Field Nation recognized that this wasn’t efficient. Now, they can enter information into one platform and access it from the other automatically. This automation has led to saved time on administrative labor, and without it, they would not use Field Nation at the volume they do, says the Director of Vendor Management. 

“If anyone has to do it the way we did before these solutions, they should look to Field Nation to help them with the heavy lifting.” 

Winning a project with Field Nation

These solutions resulted in the winning and executing of a large project. For this specific project, the client needed to vet and monitor each technician individually. This job would take twenty minutes for every single technician. The client knew they needed to be competitive on pricing to win, and they really wanted it. With Field Nation, the technician can set their ETA, check-in, and check-out all in real-time. Plus, they could run reports on all of the work they completed. With these features, they no longer needed their internal staff to execute these tasks. With Field Nation, they were able to save time on project management and find a creative solution to maintain competitive against traditional vendors. Ultimately, they won the bid and completed 100% of the work through Field Nation. 

“Field Nation helped us get more creative with the bid and gave us a competitive advantage, and we did this project 100% through Field Nation.”


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