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Learnings from the National Restaurant Association Show

How field service companies can keep up with the latest trends

June 17, 2024


By Sam Eberhart and Jon Holm, Senior Business Development Managers at Field Nation

It’s no secret that technology is developing quickly, especially in the restaurant industry. Recent tech developments are making it easier for restaurants to streamline operations, enhance security, and improve customer experience. 

After attending the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago and meeting with several industry leaders, we gained firsthand insights into the tech solutions that matter most to restaurant companies. In this blog, we’re highlighting two significant tech trends that field service companies should address and how Field Nation can help you meet these demands with confidence.

Surge in security demands

The security market is booming across industries, and the restaurant sector is no exception. According to the FBI, U.S. restaurants are the eighth-most likely place for Americans to be attacked, leading to a high demand for security solutions. Many restaurant owners we spoke to at the National Restaurant Association Show expressed concerns about rising theft and vandalism incidents. To improve security and protect customer safety, restaurants need enhanced security solutions, like cameras and access control systems.

Field Nation can help MSPs meet this demand with a network of skilled, indpendent security installation technicians. Our platform connects businesses with indepdendent technicians proficient in installing the latest security technology. By leveraging Field Nation, field service companies can offer their customers in the restaurant industry reliable, high-quality security services.

AI integration in restaurant technology

If it seems like the term “AI” is everywhere these days, you’re not imagining things. AI is becoming a crucial component of operations across various industries, and the restaurant industry is no exception. From AI-powered notetakers at service counters to predictive ad suggestions based on vehicle recognition at drive-through counters, it’s clear from our conversations with show attendees that this technology is revolutionizing the industry—and for good reason. According to Restaurant Technology News, AI-driven automation can significantly enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Networking and cabling are essential for implementing AI technology in restaurants. Advanced AI systems rely on complex infrastructure to function effectively, requiring a team of skilled IT experts for proper installation. With Field Nation, field service companies can access a labor marketplace of on-demand technicians with the skills necessary to install and maintain these systems. Leveraging on-demand labor can help you service your clients quickly and efficiently.

Talk to us about your field service needs

As restaurant industry leaders embrace these trends to keep their businesses secure and operations efficient, field service companies need to be ready to pivot quickly and meet these demands. Field Nation can help you thrive amid these changes and meet the demand for this new technology. By partnering with Field Nation, field service companies can gain access to a network of skilled professionals ready to tackle the latest technological challenges in the restaurant industry.

Ready to start building your on-demand workforce? Send us a message to discuss how Field Nation can help you reach your goals.



Sam Eberhart

Sam Eberhart is a Senior Business Development Manager at Field Nation, where he helps MSPs across the US leverage on-demand labor to improve their service coverage, quality, and control. Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sam excels in driving growth and fostering strong client relationships in the field service industry.

Jon Holm

Jon Holm is a Senior Business Development Manager at Field Nation, where he plays a key role in connecting field service companies with skilled, independent technicians to deliver top-tier IT solutions. With a strong background in sales and client services, Jon brings extensive experience in territory development and customer success.


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