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Manage your operating expenses with workforce management

March 25, 2019


Minimizing operating expenses can be an added bonus of using field service management to scale your business. These are several ways that using a field workforce manager can improve your bottom-line.

Using Your Full-Time Employees Better

When you use a field service management team, you empower your company to use its full-time employees more efficiently. Enabling your team to find contract workers when and where they are needed allows your full-time staff to focus on what they do best without having to send them across the country to handle one-off jobs.

Increasing Field Service Efficiency

Managing an on-site workforce with a field service management tool helps you increase your company’s efficiency by cutting down on time to complete work and helping you say yes to more projects. You no longer need to have an existing employee base in a city to perform work there.

Plus, it doesn’t need to take weeks–or even months–to find a contractor for a work order in a remote location. Using a field service management system gives you access to contractors across the country to help you get work done fast.

Cutting Out Back-Office Expenses

Using a contingent workforce management system can streamline your efficiency and your costs. By helping you manage insurance, mitigate financial risks, and decrease downtime between work order assignment and completion, you cut out wasted time. Field service management platforms often equip you with tools to manage payroll, disputes, and background checks, all of which cut down on risks and inefficiency for your company.

Scaling With Less Overhead

Gone are the days when you need to have a presence in Omaha or Toronto to complete a work order for a valued client. By using a field service management platform, you help your team find the right technician, in the right place, at the right time to fulfill the work order. This saves you time and effort when you decide to say yes to new opportunities.

Decreasing Work Order Fulfillment Time

Field service management helps you find qualified technicians in less time by utilizing contractors nationwide to complete jobs in less time. Need a job done in Las Vegas by tomorrow? A field service management tool can help you find the right fit, right away. Decreasing time on work orders helps you be more agile with quick turnaround work, especially once you’ve established a talent pool of trusted technicians in your main operating regions.

Reporting and Visibility

The amount of transparency you gain into your workforce with a field service management tool is hard to ignore. Not only do you get access to detailed reporting on work efficiency and contractor performance, but you gain more visibility into the entire process. You can communicate with your technicians while they are on-site and guide them through the process if they hit a snag.

Decrease Labor Costs

Just because your company is growing doesn’t mean you should hire more full-time employees. Do you know how much your W2 employees actually cost? Every full-time employee you have on your roster costs more than just their salary. You take on costs like health insurance, employee benefits, and payroll taxes, too. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2018 that 31.4% of private sector compensation is in the form of benefits, not wages. Many businesses forget to factor their overhead expenses associated with office space, technology and tools expenses, career development, and administrative costs into their overall employment costs. By supplementing your existing workforce with contingent workers, you mitigate expenses associated with benefits, tools, and career development while still gaining the ability to scale and expand.

Field service management tools are helping businesses just like yours gain access to the best technicians and cut down on overhead so they can scale more efficiently.



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