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Four ways to set your account up for success

June 21, 2022


By Amy Anderson

Are you a service company just getting started on the Field Nation platform? Or a business looking to optimize your presence on the marketplace? Either way, this blog is for you!

Read on to learn four practical ways to optimize your Field Nation account. These tips will help boost your reputation with technicians and streamline your internal processes.

Communicate your policies and standards

Before accepting a work order, technicians want to know what it’s like to work with your company. That’s why it’s essential to communicate your standard policies, procedures, and instructions. By sharing these policies up front, you can ensure consistency and prevent questions and issues.

For example, your company may have standard procedures related to:

  • An escalation process if issues arise on-site
  • Expense approval processes
  • Procedure for approving additional hours
  • Policies regarding uploading deliverables or timelines

Entering these policies into each work order can be tedious. Save time by updating the standard procedures in your Company Settings. Once updated, these details will be automatically attached to all work orders created by your company.

Create a great work order

A well-written work order significantly impacts your overall success on the Field Nation platform. In contrast, a work order that is vague or incomplete can cause issues during a project. 

Here are some things to include:

  • A descriptive title that clearly summarizes the project and avoids company jargon. 
  • Specific project requirements, such as required tools and appropriate work attire.
  • Escalation path, including who to contact with questions or issues onsite.
  • Required deliverables such as signatures and photos to submit when work is completed.

Approve work orders quickly

When reviewing and requesting work orders, technicians consider many factors. One of the key factors is your Estimated Time to Approval. This metric represents the number of days it takes you to approve 90% of work orders in the past six months.

Technicians use this metric to determine when they can expect approval after they complete a work order. Short approval periods help to build trust.

The Field Nation platform includes several features to help optimize Estimated Time to Approval

Best practices include:

  • Establishing notifications.
  • Setting up a Target Approval Period.
  • Adding this metric to your Flightboard and Executive Dashboard.

Provide company contacts

The Field Nation team is here to help whenever you need it. Updating your company contacts makes it easy for our team to connect with you.

Adding contact information for your team in the Field Nation platform will help us quickly contact you regarding work order questions, technical issues, accounting information, or other topics. 

Looking for more insight into optimizing your Field Nation account?

Visit our Help Center if you’d like more information about using these features to help your company stand out on the marketplace.

Amy Anderson has held leadership roles in training and customer service for nearly 10 years. As a senior customer success program specialist, she leads training, onboarding and adoption programs in which she helps over 11,000 Field Nation clients achieve maximum value from the Field Nation platform.


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