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Proven account tips to save you time and energy

June 17, 2020


Recent events have introduced interesting challenges to the field service industry—leading many to rethink their workflow, processes, and how they source talent. If you’re in the midst of making organizational changes, we hope this checklist helps you clean up and optimize your Field Nation account, saving you and your team valuable time without sacrificing quality.

Tidy up your tabs

Have you accumulated old, out of date work orders? It’s time to clean up and remove these work orders you no longer need. Removing old work orders within the Draft and Published/Routed tab will help you better view and manage the work that is important to you.

Review work orders within the Done tab

If there are work orders in the done tab, consider taking action on those to either a) approve the work order for payment, b) mark the work order as incomplete and inform the provider on what additional action is needed, or c) report a problem to engage the provider or Field Nation support for additional assistance.

Configure your Flightboard columns

Are you spending too much time clicking into each work order to find the same information over and over again? View work order details directly from your Flightboard by configuring your columns.

Create quality templates

Creating quality templates can save you time during work order creation and keep work order information consistent for common types of work your company performs. This article will guide you through how to create a template. Additionally, keep these best practices in mind to make sure your request and the expectations are clear.

Brush up on your vetting skills

Trying to find a quality provider to take on your work can be overwhelming, but using the tools we provide can simplify this process and ultimately save you time. When vetting providers, be sure to look over their star rating, number of jobs completed, provider rankings, and more. Here is a quick guide on the tools you can use to find the right provider for your work.

Build strong talent pools

Have you worked with a quality provider and want to work with them again? Do you have a list of providers who have met certain criteria to take on your work? Consider creating talent pools to group these providers together, so you will have quick access to quality talent during the vetting process. Watch this video on how to create and manage your talent pools.
Want to learn more? Reach out to your account representative for other quick tips or larger process optimization needs.


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