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Service Express: Establishing Business in New Cities

July 19, 2018


Service Express is a third party maintenance vendor. We specialize in the data center working on servers, storage, and network equipment. We’ve been using the Field Nation platform for six or seven years now, and early on we were using multiple platforms just to try to figure out who we worked best with. We had some concerns that we brought up and we were very impressed by how those were received. Our rep from Field Nation was super attentive to our needs, with lots of follow up with the action items that we had talked about. That’s when we knew that we were working with somebody like us.

In the service industry, we know that things will go wrong. Our customers know that too. But what they really want is somebody who will correct whatever happened – swiftly, and hearing what the customer has to say. That’s exactly what we felt with Field Nation. And now they are the predominant platform for us when we’re using contingent labor.

We can build a revenue base in a city without having a building, or our own engineers or sales people there. And when it gets to a certain size we do buy office space, we hire the engineers and the sales people but there’s already revenue there. So the ramp up time for that office is much shorter because we already have that revenue there that we built without our own people. It’s really made us feel like whatever the customer’s asking for, we can provide for them because we have the strength of the platform to draw from.

Learn more about Service Express on their website here.