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Field Service Success: Introducing Your Company to On-Demand Labor

LIVE WEBINAR | Thurs, Dec 15 | 11 am Central

November 17, 2022



Learn how the on-demand labor model fits into your field service business

Whether your business is trying to scale or cut back on costs, there is a path forward, and it’s one savvy service leaders have leveraged to slash labor costs, boost efficiency, and protect profitability. Join Field Nation to discuss:

  • The pros and cons of field service labor models
  • Why augmenting with on-demand labor is the answer
  • How two best-in-class service organizations used on-demand labor to find field service success

Meet Joe Nessa

Joe Nessa, Business Development Manager at Field Nation, began his career after achieving a bachelor’s degree From University of Wisconsin-Madison in Economics, and worked in Chicago as a commodity trader before joining Field Nation in 2021. Joe specializes in helping produce results for various work model types within the IT labor industry.


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Reliance on traditional labor models has left field service leaders in a precarious position when considering cost versus quality. Luckily, there is another option to add to their toolbelt: on-demand labor.

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You may have read about the newest buzzword in the post-pandemic world of talent: Quiet Quitting. Learn how this phenomenon has unique relevance to field service delivery, and how on-demand labor can mitigate the risk of losing your best people.



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