SenSource, Inc.

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SenSource Success & World Class Support 

SenSource is a global provider of sensor technology and uses Field Nation’s world-class support to accelerate SLA’s, improve ROI, and reinforce quality customer service.

“Field Nation support is fantastic, world class, something that our support aspires to.”

SenSource Success

SenSource Inc. is the kind of company that keeps tabs on the real world economy. Their specialty is sensor technology that measures everything from how many people visit a store to how successful a particular display is working. Their sensors provide insight and intelligence for everything from vehicle fleets, to top name-brand stores and even school libraries.

Scaling Reach & Engagement With Field Nation

All those counters and sensors rely on an extensive network of high capacity cable, fiber and server infrastructure to connect all the endpoints. SenSource’s focus on consistent, rapid set up, quality checking, maintenance, and functionality has led to incredible growth for the company. To manage that growth while taking advantage of the growing variable and freelance workforce, SenSource partners with Field Nation.

Supporting The Mission

Whether installing new infrastructure or pulling the cable that connects their sensor arrays, SenSource and Field Nation are working together to ensure every project is on time, on budget and delivered with the highest degree of quality. SenSource relies on Field Nation’s world-class support to keep all their projects running. In their words:

“The Support is fantastic, world class, something that SenSource Support aspires to. Every person I have talked to it seems is happy to stop whatever it is they are doing, and give me their full attention to get issues resolved quickly. By quickly, I mean minutes, never hours or days. [We] comment on exceptional service, and the service that [we] have always received from [Field Nation] is comment worthy.”

Together, SenSource and Field Nation are meeting the growing demand for rapid deployment of on-site expertise with faster SLAs times, better service and exceptional support. The result is deeper intelligence and actionable analytics for SenSource customers that keep shipping and shopping for all the rest of us an engaging experience.