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Field Nation + ServiceNow = Pursuant Health Success

How Pursuant Health leveraged Field Nation's ServieNow integration to introduce automation and increase accuracy

February 5, 2024


Pursuant Health relies on Field Nation to carry out short- term projects, such as maintenance work, to ensure their health kiosks are reliable for their customers. By integrating their existing software with Field Nation, Pursuant Health is able to fulfill work orders with greater ease and efficiency.


The integration made it easier for Pursuant Health to transfer critical information from ServiceNow to Field Nation such as technician check-ins, close-out notes, and service descriptions. With the support of Field Nation, Pursuant Health has more time and resources to focus on meeting goals and delivering exceptional results.


  • Over $1.2 million enabled by ServiceNow integration over the course of three years
  • Generated over 9,000 work orders over the course of three years
  • Enhanced visibility leading to improved project management efficiency

"The integration with Field Nation has greatly improved our process; it cuts down on errors."

Operations Systems Manager

James Stephens

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