Licensed Electrician Network FAQ

Q: How is this network different from the electrical work completed today?

A: Electrical work that is currently conducted on our marketplace today consists predominantly of low voltage electrical work, which does not require a license. The electrician network is a curated talent pool of verified, licensed electricians.

Q: What types of licensed electricians are available?

A: Currently, our network of licensed electricians includes:

  • Master Electricians 
  • Electrical Contractors 
  • Master Contractors 
  • Journeyman or Electrical Journeyman 
  • Service Companies representing licensed electricians

Q: What is the current coverage for this network?
A: This network currently has coverage in major cities nationwide and is actively growing as our dedicated recruitment team continues to source licensed electricians across the country.

Q: Can Field Nation recruit licensed electricians in areas without coverage?

A: Yes. Our dedicated recruiting team has completed a number of campaigns to recruit licensed electricians and continues to actively grow our supply base to increase coverage. Our ability to recruit is dependent on the type of work that requires a licensed electrician and the timeline of the project.

Q: What types of work have currently been completed?

The types of work that have been completed in this network include: 

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Construction
  • Lighting and Fixtures
  • Equipment Installations
  • Alternative Energy
  • HVAC-R

Q: What is the recommended lead time for this network?

A: The Field Nation recruiting team encourages clients to notify their Account Manager of prospective electrical projects as soon as possible. Given the varying project nature of work and the market availability of qualified electricians, the advanced lead time for our recruitment team is appreciated to ensure clients are successful.




Q: Is there a different fee structure for clients in this network?

A: This network includes highly skilled, in-demand licensed electricians. The fee structure differentiates from our current marketplace due to the proactive efforts required to both attract and maintain this network. Each electrician has their license information verified by a 3rd party vendor (Atlas Certified), and our dedicated recruiting team monitors when these licenses expire.

Once a work order is published in the Electrician Network and has been assigned and completed by a technician, clients are subject to a 5% fee. This is reflected as a Service fee.

Q: What is the fee structure for technicians in this network?

A: Technicians in this network are charged 8% from a work order regardless of total work order value. Technician pricing varies across states, depending on additional factors such as available supply and prominence of electrical unions.


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