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Work on your terms

Ready to call the shots? Field Nation empowers you to work when, where, and how you want.


Use the platform as a business accelerator

Search potentially hundreds of job openings in your region that fit your specialization and expertise. Expand your opportunities and grow your business faster.

Live the free agent life

Want to become a full-time freelancer or start a side hustle? We’ll give you the freedom and flexibility to choose only the jobs you want and the companies you want to work with.

Maximize earnings potential

Unlike third-party apps, Field Nation charges a flat 10% service fee on final payment totals, keeping more of your rate in your pocket. We also help you minimize downtime by locking in work quickly and easily.

Scale your business like a pro

Focus on what you’re good at and leave the marketing, contracts, and admin to us. Scale your business more easily than you could on your own.

Put your in-demand skills to work across these areas


Meet Joshua Colon

If you want to know what it takes to become an in-demand field service technician, follow Joshua’s lead. In the face of dwindling opportunities, he used our platform to turn his business around and scale it in ways he never thought possible.


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Stories from the Field: Tamika Fields

For technicians, Stories from the Field

“My creativity is what allows me to traverse technology needs for different industries. Healthcare, government, retail, education, nonprofits, film festivals – they all have different needs that must be met, but my skill set lets me seamlessly drop into them and provide them with key services.”



How to protect your business as an independent contractor

For technicians

To make it easy for businesses to search for and assign work to providers and service companies who consider themselves businesses, we’re introducing the Business Badge.



Tips for technicians from a top IT service provider

For technicians

Craig Skinner, president and co-owner of Gurus2go and a client on Field Nation, offers his best tips to help technicians impress clients and get more work.


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