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A technician’s guide to network cabling services

What are network cabling services?

Network cabling services refer to installing, maintaining, and managing a network cabling infrastructure that connects technological devices to a network. Within this infrastructure, several components, such as cables and connectors, promote communication between a community of computers, servers, and other networked devices. Network cabling services can include any service ranging from installation to upgrades and testing.


What network cabling services can a technician perform on Field Nation?

Field Nation is a labor marketplace that connects technicians to networking companies. From small businesses looking for redundancy in networking to large corporations requiring a network refresh, there are many projects for low-voltage technicians to choose from. These projects can take place in various industries, including retail, education, corporate, and banking.

Common network equipment projects on Field Nation include:

  • Network Installation and Cabling: Integrating a new networking cabling infrastructure using copper cables, cable pulling, cross-connect, and network cable termination.
  • Troubleshooting: Diagnosing and repairing breaks and malfunctions within the network cabling infrastructure.
  • Network Rack & Stack: Configuring and mounting hardware within a data center’s cabinets and racks.
  • Network upgrade: Replacing or upgrading existing cabling network infrastructure with new equipment.
  • Switch and router installation: Installing switches to facilitate device connections or routers to connect multiple networks.


What qualifications and skills are in demand for low-voltage contractors?

When searching for a network equipment technician, companies often prefer providers with a relevant skill set in several categories, including:

  • Low voltage cable pulling and networking installation
  • Low voltage cable termination
  • Network equipment rack and stack

Technicians looking for projects on Field Nation must also have completed work orders within the last three months in at least one of the following skills: fiber cabling, low voltage cabling, network equipment, and wireless equipment.


What certifications are companies looking for in network cabling technicians?

In addition to demonstrating a technician’s expertise, certain certifications also assure a network company that their network installation service will be carried out properly. Some popular certifications that networking companies commonly look for in their technicians include:

Technicians looking for network equipment projects should remember that required certifications may differ between companies based on the complexity and scope of their networking infrastructure. When looking for work on Field Nation, technicians should thoroughly read the work order for listed certification requirements.


What does the future look like for network cabling services?

From SD-WAN to 5G adoption, several network trends are taking off. As trends continue to develop, the demand for qualified network equipment technicians grows. Retailers, corporate businesses, and healthcare providers use advanced networking technologies to streamline network traffic and enhance daily operations. Meeting this surge requires the expertise and abilities of experienced network cabling professionals.


What is the average pay rate for network equipment technicians on the Field Nation marketplace?

Technicians using the Field Nation marketplace have the freedom to bid on projects that align with their expertise.

On average, qualified techs using Field Nation get access to more than 13,000 work orders per year for network equipment configuration, rack, and stack, and network equipment troubleshooting projects. Though pay rates may vary based on the scope and location of work, the national average for network equipment technicians using Field Nation is $58.83 per hour. The Field Nation marketplace offers transparency and control by making payment terms visible within a work order for technicians to review before deciding to request or accept work. Start your journey today by signing up for your free account.


Why do networking equipment technicians prefer contract work?

From setting personal work schedules to choosing from various project types, there are several benefits to becoming a contract technician. The professionals on Field Nation enjoy complete control over their choice of work and the ability to take on new challenges and design their own personal growth trajectories.

Click here to learn more about contract field service work benefits.


Why Field Nation?

Field Nation is the #1 labor marketplace for field service technicians. From setting your work schedule to taking on projects for companies that align with your preferences, Field Nation provides you full control over your career. Leverage your skills and build your professional path by signing up for Field Nation today!


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