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Two trends driving demand in networking

September 11, 2023


As technology advances, companies continue to search for innovative solutions to streamline their operations and enhance their networking capabilities. From healthcare to retail, networking plays an essential role in the flow, efficiency, and security in all types of verticals. In 2023 alone, networking services saw a 21% increase in demand, emphasizing its importance in the industry. This demand can be partially attributed to two game-changing trends: fifth generation wireless technology (5G) and software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN). Keep reading to learn why these trends are taking off.

Faster speeds and reduced latency with 5G networks

Companies of all industries demand quick and responsive methods for internal and customer operations. With its remarkable speed, low latency, and ability to connect several devices at one time, 5G is enabling seamless communication and data transfer at unprecedented levels.

Utilizing 5G can provide several noteworthy advantages, including:

  • Enhanced Security

Because 5G allows a large number of devices to be connected at the same time, retailers and other companies can easily run an entire security camera system, promoting greater control over location monitoring and security.

  • Enhanced customer experience

From tracking store products to automating temperature and lighting, 5G networks will keep key aspects of a company running smoothly, resulting in improved customer experience and reduced costs.

  • Enhanced store operations

With 5G, companies can track delivered goods and inventory with ease. Whether it’s a retail store with products or a private business with company equipment, 5G is proving to be a must-have for ultimate control and efficiency.

This demand for 5G will drive the need for various forms of equipment such as New Radio and Core Network (5GC). Additionally, this implementation will also require familiarity with IoT devices to maximize the network’s performance. Turning to experienced and qualified network technicians is the best way to ensure 5G implementation is carried out successfully.

Centralized network management with SD-WAN

Another groundbreaking trend in the world of networking is SD-WAN. SD-WAN allows companies to have optimal control and management of their wide area networks. With SD-WAN, companies can manage network traffic between multiple locations, cloud services, or data centers, promoting an enhanced user experience and a maximized use of network resources. According to Business Wire, 79% of U.S. organizations currently use SD-WAN and by 2026, adoption is expected to rise to 92%.

There are several reasons why companies of all kinds want to implement SD-WAN into their networking infrastructures. Among its benefits include:

  • Network Traffic Routing

When dealing with network paths between multiple stores or locations, managing messaging and traffic can be difficult. SD-WAN simplifies this by intelligently routing traffic and maximizing bandwidth usage.

  • Improved Security

From encryption to firewall assets, SD-WAN offers security solutions to companies to help them protect sensitive information and diminish cybersecurity risks.

  • Reduced Costs

SD-WAN can help companies cut costs in multiple ways, utilizing cost-effective internet connections and eliminating the need for expensive hardware and equipment. Its noteworthy ROI keeps SD-WAN a popular trend for all types of companies.

With this new technology, service providers will need network technicians who are experienced with configuring or troubleshooting SD-WAN controllers. Because SD-WAN reduces the amount of equipment companies need, building a team of networking technicians who can install, configure, repair, and troubleshoot the software is essential. 

Tackle the networking demand 

From enhancing company security to promoting workflow and efficiency, it’s clear why 5G and SD-WAN are driving demand in networking. Embracing these trends, keeping you one-step ahead of the competition, is the key to successful outcomes. Our marketplace enables field service providers to select a team of skilled networking technicians to do the work when and where they need it. Click here to start building your team!


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