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A technician’s guide to POS equipment installation

What is a POS technician?

A Point-of-Sale (POS) technician specializes in the installation, repair, or maintenance of POS systems. POS refers to the place where retail transactions take place including cash registers, receipt printers, card swipers, barcode scanners, self-checkout kiosks and more. POS techs can expect to work with various Point-of-Sale equipment while integrating features such as near-field communication and digital wallets.


What projects might a POS technician find on Field Nation?

There are variety of Point-of-Sale projects contract technicians might find on Field Nation, including:

  • Point-of-Sale installation: Installing and testing new POS systems for a variety of retail industries including hospitality, restaurants, grocery stores, fashion stores, service-based businesses and more.
  • POS troubleshooting & repair: Diagnosing and providing solutions to issues within existing POS devices or equipment.
  • System upgrades: Upgrading existing POS systems and installing new equipment.
  • Maintenance services: Servicing existing POS systems.


What skills are in demand for POS techs?

Service companies posting Point-of-Sale work orders might look for technicians with recent experience in the following skills or related areas:

  • Low voltage cable pulling and installation
  • Low voltage cable termination
  • POS installation
  • Self checkout installation
  • Fiber cabling
  • Traditional Point-of-Sale


What certifications are companies looking for in POS techs?

When it comes to installation and POS repair, companies want their technicians to arrive at the job with several certifications under their belts. Among those certifications include:

  • CompTIA A+: The CompTIA A+ certification isn’t specific to POS devices, however it does cover a variety of fundamental skills necessary for POS technicians, such as software troubleshooting and hardware maintenance.
  • PAR Technology: PAR Technology provides certification for technicians who work with POS systems. With this certification, technicians can demonstrate proficiency in PAR POS software and hardware.

Keep in mind that certifications may depend on the company, location, and scope of the project. When looking for a project on Field Nation, remember to read the description thoroughly and take note of any preferred certifications listed by the buyer.


What does the future look like for POS work?

According to Field Nation research, there are rising trends that have caused POS services to grow 50% in demand over the last several months. POS techs can expect to take on projects based on these trends, such as self service equipment installation and digital payment integration. As the demand for these services continues to grow, the need for qualified and experienced technicians also surges.


What is the average pay rate for POS technicians on Field Nation?

Technicians using the Field Nation marketplace have the freedom to bid on projects that align with their expertise.

On average, qualified techs using Field Nation get access to almost 80,000 work orders per year for self check out diagnose and repair, POS diagnose and repair, and POS install and uninstall projects. Though pay rates may vary based on the scope and location of work, the national average for POS technicians using Field Nation is $60.63 per hour. The Field Nation marketplace offers transparency and control by making payment terms visible within a work order for technicians to review before deciding to request or accept work. Start your journey today by signing up for your free account.


Why do POS technicians prefer contract work?

From flexibility to diversity of work, there are several reasons why POS technicians prefer contract work. When you choose Field Nation, not only will you have the ability to choose your projects and working hours, but you’ll also gain experience in a variety of settings and challenges, and enjoy the autonomy of managing a workload that aligns with your values and expectations. Learn more about the benefits of contract field service work here.


Why Field Nation?

With Field Nation, you have complete control over your career. We are the #1 labor marketplace for IT professionals, providing POS techs with a variety of rewarding projects to choose from. Build a schedule that meets your needs and puts you on the professional track you want to be on. Sign up for Field Nation today.


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