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A guide to becoming a Field Nation technician

What is a Field Nation Technician?

A Field Nation technician is an experienced and dependable professional in the field service industry. Technicians on Field Nation can take on installation, repair, and maintenance services in a range of specialties including cabling, point-of-sale, and security.


What projects might a field service technician find on Field Nation?

Field engineers will find various projects to choose from the marketplace. The most popular types of projects on Field Nation include:

  • Low voltage cabling
  • Network equipment
  • Desktop/Laptop services
  • Wireless equipment install
  • Traditional point-of-sale

On Field Nation, technicians can pick and choose the projects that best align with their expertise and preferences.


What skills are companies looking for when posting work on Field Nation?

Skills companies look for on Field Nation include technical proficiency, problem-solving, communication, time management, and adaptability. While specific skills depend on each project, some of the most popular skills companies look for are:

  • Surveying projects
  • Running, troubleshooting, terminating, and connecting cables
  • Familiarity connecting MDF to IDF using copper
  • Cable pulling and installation
  • Equipment rack and stack


What certifications are companies looking for?

Certifications are essential for validating a field service technician’s expertise. While required certifications vary depending on job scope and location, here are the most popular certifications that companies often seek:

  • CompTIA A+: A fundamental certification for individuals starting their career in IT and field services.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA): A certification that focuses on network knowledge and management.
  • CompTIA Network+: Covers the fundamentals of configuration, management, and troubleshooting for wireless and wired systems.
  • BICSI: BISCI offers a variety of certifications and learning support for advancing information and communications technology professions.

Because certifications depend on the project type and location, field technicians should remember to thoroughly read the work order description before arriving at the job. For a more comprehensive list of popular certifications, click here.


What does the future look like for Field Nation technicians?

Market predictions expect the field service market to experience a compound annual growth (CAGR) rate of 16.16% over the next several years, establishing a strong future for techs in the field service industry. Retail, healthcare, and food service industries are all-embracing technology trends that require more assistance from service providers.

From POS to cabling and digital signage, there are various types of jobs available for technicians on Field Nation. As managed service providers take on more projects, they will turn to smart hands support to help them meet the growing demand.


What is the average pay rate for technicians on Field Nation?

Technicians using the Field Nation marketplace can bid on projects that align with their expertise.

On average, qualified techs using Field Nation get access to thousands of work orders daily for the most popular field service skills. Though pay rates may vary based on the scope and location of work, the national average for field service technicians using Field Nation is $60.30 per hour. The Field Nation marketplace offers transparency and control by making payment terms visible within a work order for technicians to review before requesting or accepting work. Start your journey today by signing up for your free account.


Why do field service technicians prefer contract work?

Contract work structures allow individuals to have more control over their schedules and time. Additionally, with Field Nation, technicians enjoy a variety of other benefits, including:

  • Variety: Techs can choose projects that align with their interests and values. They can choose to take on projects that challenge their skills and put their smart hands to use.
  • Flexibility: No matter the location, techs can use their mobile phones to find jobs when they need them on the Field Nation app.
  • Simplicity: With Field Nation, techs won’t have to worry about invoicing, project management, or tax paperwork. All of that is handled through their account.

For more information on the benefits of contract field service work, click here.


Why Field Nation?

Field Nation is the #1 labor marketplace where field support experts can grow their careers on their own terms. From enhanced autonomy to finding work that aligns with specific skills and schedules, Field Nation provides ultimate control. Experience the benefits of Field Nation and sign up for your free account today.


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