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Our mission

Turning opportunity into results

Technology touches every aspect of our lives. It connects us to our colleagues and loved ones, makes business operations seamless, and helps leaders across industries adapt to ever-shifting consumer expectations. Behind most technology touchpoints is the skilled labor of an IT technician who can install, maintain, and repair the devices that keep the world moving forward. Together, IT technicians and field service organizations work to strengthen the vital relationship between people and technology.

Our mission is simple

Field Nation brings technicians and businesses together to do great work. Technicians can find hundreds of work opportunities that fit their expertise, as well as their schedules—giving them more ways to do what they do best. Service companies can expand their services into new geographies and verticals, broadening the reach of new technology to areas ready for the next step forward. In this way, Field Nation transforms possibility and opportunity into concrete results of which all sides can be proud.

The possibilities are endless


Field Nation breaks down existing barriers to work by allowing technicians and field service companies to connect directly and seamlessly. This simple, unobstructed access to work and skilled talent enables both sides of the equation to come together in the most mutually beneficial way possible.


Beyond the business benefits of on-demand labor (of which there are many), Field Nation encourages technicians and businesses to expand the scope of their capabilities. Service companies can grow into new markets and geographies, and technicians can add new skillsets to their toolbelt.


The talent economy allows technicians that use the Field Nation platform to work on their own terms––truly. We enable a dignified set of circumstances under which IT technicians can inject balance and prosperity into their professional lives, which ensures that positive business outcomes align with the greater good.


Learn from our data

Our Field Intel series highlights significant trends from our platform data and synthesizes them into insights that service leaders can use.


LinkedIn Live: Market Trends Impacting IT Field Service

Labor shortage, Field Intel, Growth, Industry Trends, Coverage

EVP of Strategy, Wael Mohammed, shares his perspective on the latest shifts in the labor market and what field service leaders can do to navigate this uncertainty. Powered by billions of data points, get the intel you need to optimize growth opportunities.



Power over Ethernet: What is it and how will it impact field services?

For businesses, Field Intel, Industry Trends, Retail, Enterprise

From enhancing energy efficiency to improving flexibility and scalability, PoE offers unbeatable benefits that will make it a trend that’s here to stay. Learn how PoE affects companies across industries and what this booming demand means for the field service industry.



Field Service Trends and Predictions: Preparing for 2024

Labor shortage, Low-Voltage Cabling, Field Intel, Growth, Industry Trends, Retail

Based on data straight from the Field Nation marketplace, learn about key trends and predictions for the coming year and discover how you can stay ahead of the game.



Meet our community

Our team and the technicians that work on our platform have a lot in common. They are free-thinking problem-solvers always striving to find a better way to get work done.


Faces of Field Nation: Jeromy Dorsing

Faces of Field Nation

Jeromy Dorsing is a dedicated Customer Success Manager at Field Nation with over 2.5 years of experience in his role. As a former project manager for one of Field Nation’s valued customers, Jeromy brings a valuable perspective and understanding of customer needs to the team.



Field Nation celebrates IT field service technicians and companies doing great work across the nation

Stories from the Field, Faces of Field Nation

Field Nation, the #1 labor marketplace for IT field service, introduces its “build it with Field Nation” storytelling initiative, reinforcing its commitment to connecting companies and skilled technicians to do great work across the nation.



Faces of Field Nation: Michael Bergeron

Faces of Field Nation

Field Nation’s new Customer Success Executive, Michael Bergeron, brings to the table years of industry knowledge and expertise. Learn how his experience allows him to help his clients be more strategic and successful on the marketplace.


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