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AllOver Media

September 18, 2018


About AllOver Media

Dustin Benz is the VP of Operations at AllOver Media. AllOver Media handles a variety of advertising initiatives including wall capes, billboards, indoor bathroom, and bus wraps among other things.

Getting Started with Field Nation

AllOver Media started using Field Nation because they wanted to expand their business offerings. AllOver Media met with Field Nation to discuss their interests in moving the business forward. Benz says, “We started using Field Nation because there obviously were some different things that we would want to do and like to do, and I felt when I met with the team in general, the development was there and it was a good fit for us.”

Using Field Nation

Since using Field Nation AllOver Media has seen significant changes. For one, it is easier to keep track of a project’s status and where their people are in the field.

“It’s been a lot easier to track our installers in the field – at the end of the day we have, you know, a thousand installers across the country doing different jobs at one time,” says Benz.

And, the back office is more streamlined. Benz notes, “we don’t have to write the checks, and check on invoices,  all the back-end work for the accounting team has been a tremendous help for us.”

Technicians who are on the field are able to get to work and get paid quickly, saving AllOver Media time and money in internal operations. “We don’t have any risk on those people – they do the job, they get paid through the app, and it saves a ton of time on our backend as well,” says Benz. With insight into where a work order stands, dispatchers can focus on growing the business and streamlining operations.

In the end, Field Nation and AllOver Media are excited for continued growth. “We’re growing – and I think the great part about it is there was another network for us to tap into, as well as drive our current network into Field Nation and was able to deliver a lot of things for us and streamline our inside processes.”