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Field Insider: Four ways to save time with automation

August 9, 2022


By Amy Anderson

It may seem cliché, but for field services businesses, time really is money. 

Here are some tips and tricks for saving time on routine processes on the Field Nation platform. You’ll accelerate how you publish, route, assign, and approve work. Plus, you’ll free up your team’s time to take on more projects and win more work.

1. Selection Rules make assigning work easier

Selection Rules allow you to rank technicians based on custom criteria. These rules can include whether a technician is in your Talent Pools, within a certain distance from a job site, has worked with your company before, and more. 

Building out Selection Rules lets you quickly determine which technicians meet your requirements and streamlines the assignment process.

2. Auto Dispatch automates the assignment process

Auto Dispatch is a time-saving tool that automates work order assignment. This feature works with Selection Rules to automatically assign the highest-ranking technician to a work order. The assignment is based on the Selection Rule, who has met all of the required criteria, and who has not counter-offered the work order.

For Premier users, Tiered Auto Dispatch takes automation to the next level. It allows you to set tiered time durations and multiple selection rules for work orders you’re auto-routing, auto-publishing or auto-assigning. 

3. SmartAudit streamlines work order approvals

SmartAudit is also part of Field Nation Premier. This feature expedites the approval process by automatically approving work orders that meet all predefined criteria.

For example, one of our clients published over 33,000 work orders in the past year. They use SmartAudit for routine projects, such as work that doesn’t need many photos reviewed or sign-off documents. The tool has freed their dispatchers to focus on more complex tickets and higher visibility work.

4. Integrations reduce data entry and errors

Did you know you can further automate by integrating your business system with the Field Nation platform? 

Instead of switching between systems to manage field service work, you can complete essential tasks directly within your business system. Use your existing processes and workflows while minimizing data entry and errors. We offer both pre-built and custom integrations for popular business systems.

Looking for more insight into optimizing your Field Nation account?

Visit our Help Center if you’d like more information about using these features to help your company stand out on the marketplace.

Amy Anderson has held leadership roles in training and customer service for nearly 10 years. As a senior customer success program specialist, she leads training, onboarding and adoption programs in which she helps over 11,000 Field Nation clients achieve maximum value from the Field Nation platform.


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