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7 tips to avoid costly delays in your retail IT deployment

May 26, 2021


It’s no secret that retail IT deployments are massive undertakings. Keeping these projects on track can be difficult. If you’ve already spent time and effort organizing your next retail IT deployment, don’t forget to devote resources to managing the project so you can finish on time.

There will always be distractions, challenges, and other activities that threaten to derail your plans. But there are proven strategies to keep your project on track. Here are seven tips to help keep everything running smoothly.

1. Establish clearly defined roles

Everyone on the project team should have distinct roles and responsibilities. First, understand who is in charge of the schedule. Will the project be managed by the retailer or by the managed service provider? An overall project manager should be assigned as soon as possible to avoid miscommunication. If the retailer is in charge, they are responsible for dealing with any delays and avoiding budget overages. If the managed service provider is in charge, it is their responsibility to keep the project on track.

2. Define key milestones

Milestones are a visible way to monitor the success of your retail IT deployment. Be sure to set your key milestones up front. That way, everyone can understand and agree on the timeline. Tracking your milestones allows you to quickly see if something is off-track and make changes accordingly.

3. Prioritize communication

Communication is crucial in a large IT deployment. This is true whether you use employees, on-demand labor, or a mix of both. Having a direct line of communication to the technicians on-site is essential, especially if problems arise. This will allow you to catch problems early and avoid falling behind schedule.

4. Conduct a pre-site survey

Pre-site surveys are one of the most critical things you can do to ensure success. During this phase, you’ll identify any possible problems that could arise during the deployment. A physical inventory of the site will help you see whether there are any issues that your team could encounter.

5. Optimize your use of an on-demand workforce

There are several strategies you can use to optimize your workforce, like using a blend of full-time employees, subcontractors, and on-demand talent. Partnering with a field service marketplace like Field Nation can help you streamline the process of finding and engaging on-demand technicians. By using a field service marketplace, you can vet technicians based on work history, expected pay range, and reviews. Also, these marketplaces can help automate key tasks such as approving and reviewing work. Finally, make sure your work orders include clear, precise instructions. This will help minimize the need for rework once your project starts.

6. Integrate key systems

Integration between a field services marketplace and your key systems can save time and help your project stay on track. Consider integrating your Professional Services Automation (PSA) system, remote monitoring and management (RMM) system, and/or other ticketing software. By doing so, your team can avoid duplicate work and automate key processes.

7. Approve the schedule

Before you begin your project, make certain that everyone involved is aware of and agrees to the plan. Do a final check with the retailer about their timing requirements. Consider how many technicians will be needed and whether they will be available locally or will need to travel to the job site.

Looking for help with a retail IT deployment?

Field Nation and Kinettix partner together to help you find qualified talent fast and manage your project from end to end. We can assist your team with:

  • Project planning and management
  • Talent development
  • Ticket workflow management and tracking
  • Coordination for weekend/after-hours support
  • SLA management
  • Managing the event
  • Technician coordination and management
  • Technician vetting
  • Technician sourcing and dispatch

Contact us today to learn how our team can help your project run smoothly. 



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