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How BLM Technologies Increased their SLA Performance with Field Nation

October 31, 2017


“With Field Nation, we were able to go from a company that achieved SLA performance in the mid 80’s to now we hover around 99-99.5% on a regular basis.” 

The Background

BLM Technologies began in 1974 with a focus on providing banks and financial institutions with printing systems that would support critical day-to-day business operations. Over time, the business began to innovate – working constantly to expand its offerings to customized, scalable IT hardware, software, support, and solutions. As BLM Technologies was growing, they realized they needed a partner to help them scale.

The Change

At the beginning, BLM Technologies engaged several small providers around the country to deploy their field service work. Using several outside providers caused significantly more work and internal confusion and inconsistencies. Because of all the moving pieces, BLM Technologies could not consistently find the right talent for their customer’s needs in a scalable way.

BLM Technologies specifically realized a need to efficiently and cost-effectively find and vet contract workers on a national level to make their operations scalable. They began looking for a solution that would help foster growth in their current space, and help them expand into new markets.

Fortunately, BLM Technologies found Field Nation.

The Business Today

With the help of Field Nation, BLM Technologies has grown exponentially to service a wide range of clients in a variety of industries. Specifically, Field Nation enables BLM Technologies to find qualified service providers in all geographical markets for the specific skill sets they need for their diverse range of business. Field Nation has enabled BLM Technologies to go from offering services regionally to across the US – putting them at a key competitive advantage.

One of the most important metrics a company such as BLM is judged by is SLA (service-level agreement) performance. Failing to meet their clients SLAs not only results in penalties for BLM, but also a strong possibility of losing future business with their clients. “With Field Nation, we were able to go from a company that achieved SLA performance in the mid 80’s to now we hover around 99-99.5% on a regular basis.”

About BLM Technologies, Inc.

BLM Technologies, Inc. solves technology and automation challenges by providing end-to-end solutions in project management services, IT outsourcing and projects, repair and maintenance, digital signage, and payment and transaction hardware.

Trusted by some of the nation’s top Fortune 500 companies, BLM’s reputation lies in your project delivery success. By applying 40 years of technical expertise and experience with integrated workflow, data analysis, and leading-edge technology, BLM consistently meets SLAs by completing projects on time, within scope, and on budget. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal.

BLM’s FlexForce program is unmatched in the industry. Its certified technicians are expertly trained and authorized by the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide a wide variety of project capabilities, repair, and installation services across the US. BLM hand-selects and assigns the most qualified technicians to complete each project.

BLM Technologies serves thousands of customers across multiple industries including financial, retail, restaurant, education, healthcare, and government. BLM is a partner with the top manufacturers in the technology industry to offer customers the newest and most innovative technology solutions available.



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