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How to build a network of the best technicians

February 25, 2019


Finding the best technicians for your contingent workforce doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s why the Field Nation platform provides several ways for you to build a list of your top technicians to perform quality work across the nation when you need it.

Thorough vetting before each job

One the best ways to ensure quality work is by looking at every technician’s qualifications, skills, and ratings before scheduling them for a job–otherwise known as “vetting”.

When you create a work order, make sure to look through all of the technician’s skills, tools, ratings, and other important metrics to verify their experience. Doing so will ensure that they are the best fit for your job and increase the odds that the experience will be a good one for all involved.

Build relationships with technicians

Once you’ve selected a technician for a job, it’s important to work on building a relationship with them to see if they’ll be a good fit for your company’s work going forward. This can be anything from asking about their day to asking specific questions about their expertise.

If you’re especially concerned about the quality of the technicians representing your business, you can always do a quick phone screening. Even using the chat functions in Field Nation to ask important questions about their history, tools, and experience goes a long way to building that initial trust before sending them on their first job.

Keep track of your positive experiences

It’s important to take note of your positive experiences with technicians so you can continue working with them in the future and evaluate their potential as a “Talent Pool” candidate (which we’ll go over in the next section). This means it’s crucial to pay attention when a technician does good work, shows up on time, or gets positive feedback from your client. Make sure you keep track of those things as they are often an indicator of someone who does quality work.

Use our talent pools feature


One of the best ways to build relationships with technicians in the long-term is by using our Talent Pools feature. This feature allows your company to build unique lists of your preferred technicians so you can route work orders specifically to them in the future.


Not only does this feature save you time, but it also ensures that quality work will get done because you’ve already pre-vetted these technicians and know they live up to your standards. Talent Pools allow you to route work orders within these “private” groups before sending them out to the larger Marketplace. This means that whichever technician in your Pool requests the work order first will be assigned to the job. So, make sure you’re only placing technicians you know and trust in those pools before routing work directly to them.

Approve work orders quickly

Another key to long-term relationships with technicians is to approve completed work orders quickly so that technicians can get paid fast. These things go a long way when working with technicians and maintaining a happy working relationship. They will often remember which clients take a long time to approve work and they may avoid companies who are slow to complete this vital step. The best technicians on the platform have no shortage of work which means they can afford to look elsewhere at companies who approve on time.

Use selection rules to find the best match

Our last tip for building great technician relationships is to use our Selection Rules when searching for a technician to fill a work order. These rules help you filter by many different factors like background check status, ratings, skillset, how many work orders the technician has currently, and many more.

Selection Tools Function

By using these filters, you can make sure you find only technicians who will likely fit into your company’s work criteria.

Want to know more about how Field Nation can help your business scale nationwide and find the best technicians? Let’s chat.


Checklist for building technician relationships

  • Take time to vet technicians before assigning them
  • Build rapport through chat and/or phone calls
  • Keep track of positive technician experiences
  • Use talent pools to save time and ensure quality
  • Approve work quickly
  • Use selection tools to pre-filter technicians for the best match


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