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BullsEye Telecom: Streamlining Staffing Vendors in 8 Months

February 27, 2019


About BullsEye

BullsEye Telecom provides secured communications, powerful networks, and advanced technologies to thousands of business locations across the U.S.

For 20 years, BullsEye’s industry experts have customized solutions that give their customers peace of mind to focus on their core business. Their 99 percent customer retention rate demonstrates that BullsEye delivers an industry-leading customer experience. If you are ready to streamline your business communications, contact BullsEye Telecom to learn more.

Jim Bain, BullsEye’s National Field Operations Manager, sat down with us to talk about how Field Nation’s platform has helped BullsEye improve their quality and timeliness of service, contingent labor management, and grow their bottom line by consolidating their processes.


BullsEye has used Field Nation as part of their deployment of networks, services and advanced technologies for multi-location clients. Prior to using the platform, they used 13 different service vendors to find and manage their contingent workforce. Once they added Field Nation to their roster, they were able to eliminate all their previous service vendors after just 7 months. With Field Nation, BullsEye gained more transparency with their technicians, improved work quality and timeliness, and became a more agile business using onsite contingent labor.

Before Field Nation

BullsEye provides a wide variety of communications services to business customers across the U.S. Before using Field Nation, BullsEye used 13 different service vendors to find on-site technicians. They used master service companies that managed their work orders and technicians.

Some of the key problems Bain highlighted was that their departments were using different vendors, the price points were high, and they had to reconcile SLAs in multiple areas, which slowed down their process.

“With these services, we couldn’t talk to the technicians. Things change so quickly. We wanted the benefit of talking to technicians at the site if things change,” Bain says.

Streamlining process

At first, BullsEye used Field Nation as “vendor” number 14. BullsEye began to use Field Nation more and more because they liked the direct-to-technician conversations. They realized working with multiple vendors made operations slow and costly. To get anything done they had to call the vendor, who would attempt to reach the technician. Projects were getting stalled.

“Over time, Field Nation began to replace our service vendors,” Bain says. “We ramped up and moved everything over in about 7 or 8 months.” One of the main reasons they made the switch was to streamline their processes.

“We originally used tons of vendors and had to reconcile. Now, we can get reporting out of Field Nation so we can understand our cost,” Bain says. Not only did it lead to more transparent finances, but according to Bain, it improved their workflow efficiency.

“Using Field Nation, we’ve reduced our capital that we’d be spending working with these master service companies. And, we improved quality and timeliness for our clients at the same time.”

Increasing Transparency

In addition to streamlining processes, Field Nation allowed BullsEye to have more transparency with its technicians by providing the tools they need to walk techs through the process.

“We wanted to consolidate processes and only have one spot where we could manage various dispatches,” Bain says. They also wanted the ability to gain more transparency with their on-site workers so they could meet their clients’ needs fast.

“In today’s world of high-speed internet where things change pretty quickly, it benefits us to have interaction with the techs who are going to the site in advance,” Bain says.

Finally, Field Nation’s platform allowed BullsEye to streamline their processes even more by giving them the ability to craft curated groups of trusted technicians–also known as Talent Pools.

“The profiles help us find technicians, then the Talent Pools we use help us bundle skill sets,” Bain says. “Then we do a vetting process before anyone goes out to the site. We do this to get a better feel for the work they do and their experience.”

These Talent Pools help them speed up their process, as well as cultivate a list of trusted providers they can call on confidently.

“We often will route work to these talent pools first,” Bain says.

BullsEye’s Results with Field Nation

Ultimately, we really appreciate the things Field Nation does to make BullsEye successful,” Bain says.

In addition to streamlining their process, the support from Field Nation allows them to be agile in their work.

“We work with Field Nation often. For example, we may need extra insurance. In that case, we work individually with Field Nation’s team to get what we need,” Bain says.

Plus, there are still tools BullsEye wants to use that they haven’t delved into yet. “There’s a lot of functionality that we have barely scratched the surface with,” Bain says.

“If Field Nation wasn’t up to speed technically, we wouldn’t be using them. At BullsEye, we do it better than everyone else and we need a platform that does too. We’ve found that with Field Nation.”

If you want to learn how Field Nation can help you streamline your contingent workforce, reach out today.

If you’d like to streamline your business communications, contact BullsEye to learn more.

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