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How and when to counter-offer without losing the bid

March 4, 2019


Counter-offering on the Field Nation platform is a great way for technicians to negotiate on a work order, but there are some key things to think about before putting out a counter-offer.

Why You Should Counter-Offer

One of the top reasons technicians like to counter-offer is to increase the pay rate of a given job. This is a great tool to open up a conversation with a client about why your work is worth more. If you’ve done a type of work in the past–and been successful–you can use the counter-offer as an opportunity to share why you’re the right choice for the job, and why you’re worth more.

The best way to counter-offer is by sending a message with a few key reasons why you’re the right technician for the job. Doing this the right way can lead to higher pay rates in the long-term and more experience as a result.

Types of Counter-Offers

While some clients turn off the ability to counter-offer on work orders, technicians should take advantage of the feature when it is available. The counter-offering screen gives technicians three options to counter with–pay, schedule, and expenses. Sometimes it’s not just about the pay rate, technicians can offer an alternative time to complete the job or request compensation for expenses if they have to drive further or use special equipment.

Counter-Offering Screen

This is why it’s important to include a message with the reasoning behind the counter-offer as well as some alternative solutions for the client to consider.

How to Position Yourself

How you make your pitch on a counter-offer can often make or break the negotiation. The best way to counter is to offer specific examples of work you’ve done in the past, reasons why you’re the best one for the job and a short reason behind your request.

Positioning yourself as an expert in the type of work and providing concrete reasons why you need a higher rate of pay, a scheduling change, or compensation for expenses is the best way to help the client understand your request. This increases chances that they’ll be willing to consider your offer.

The Best Way to Win the Bid

Winning the bid is all about creating a relationship with the client in your request. You can do this by asking questions to clarify the requirements of the job to understand why the pay rate is what it is. You can also explain how you’ll go above and beyond to provide quality service. The key is to be personable, human, and explain why you’ll be the best technician to work with on this job.

Mistakes to Avoid

There are some important mistakes to avoid when giving a counter-offer that can cost you the bid. The main mistake to avoid is saying nothing along with your counter-offer. The Field Nation platform offers you the opportunity to include a message with your counter-offer, we encourage you to use that as an opportunity to introduce yourself and position yourself as an expert in the client’s mind.

On that note, it’s also important to avoid being too assertive with your message and your counter. Don’t bid way above market rates or be aggressive with your language toward the client. Keep your message short and personable, avoid speaking like a robot, and make a good first impression.

Grow Your Business with Counter-Offering

Counter-offering is a great way to grow your business as a technician and it gives you the opportunity to form a relationship with new clients right away. As long as your bids are strategic and they follow the tips above, they can be a great tool to grow your income, grow your expertise, and get more work.

Whether you’re counter-offering or just talking to clients on the platform, establishing your value as an expert in your field is the best way to build a list of trusted clients who want to work with you in the future.

If you want to learn more ways to build quality relationships with clients and get more work, check out our tips on building a solid client base.


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