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Boost your success with the field nation mobile app

August 1, 2018


Staying connected & up-to-date is mandatory.

Your Field Nation app is critical to completing a successful work order. This guide shows ways to use the Field Nation app to make the most out of your day.



Plan where you’re going.

Our Map View feature puts all of your work orders on one map, so you can plan your route and schedule your day based on where you’ll be traveling. The Field Nation app also integrates with map applications already on your smartphone. No need to re-enter addresses or ask for directions.



Send real-time updates.

Punctuality is extremely important in any business transaction. It’s easy to send a notification that you’re running late or that your work is done and ready for review.

Work from anywhere with offline mode.

Are you working in a basement or in the middle of nowhere? Offline Mode ensures you can still get work done in areas where you won’t have cell phone reception. To complete jobs where cell phone service is poor, simply select Go Offline and all of your tasks download to your phone to maintain full app functionality. When you have service, simply select Go Online and all of the information you captured will get uploaded in seconds.

Complete tasks.

The tasks feature ensures you’ll never miss a step while completing a work order and documents every task from your phone.

Entering shipping information?

Use the barcode scanner, integrated right into the shipments feature of the app. As soon as you scan a shipment, pertinent shipping information gets sent to the buyer.

Need to take a photo?

The Field Nation app automatically links photos back to the specific customer requirement.

Need signatures?

Just use your smartphone to electronically get a signature at a job site, no paper or pencil required.



Pick up another gig.

Use GPS features to find work near your current location. Search by location and distance.

See when you’ll be paid.

Use the Payments tab to track when you’ll be paid next, and the amount you will be paid, all in one place.

Whether it’s receiving work, on a job site, or after you complete a work order; the Field Nation mobile app is a critical tool for Field Nation service providers. Check out our useful guide and learn how to best use the Field Nation iOS and Android apps.