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Where to find IT technicians

May 3, 2022


The current labor shortage is making the already difficult task of finding qualified field service technicians even more challenging. Filling skill gaps, meeting deadlines, satisfying complex job requirements––all these workforce management responsibilities begin with finding the right IT service provider for the job.

This guide will explore strategies you can use to reach more job seekers and engage the right candidates for your team.

Consult a job posting site

Online career sites attract millions of searches every month from job seekers all over the world. There are hundreds of job sites to choose from, covering every conceivable role, industry, and niche. Picking the right ones to focus on can feel a bit overwhelming. 

Here are some of the most popular job posting sites to consider.

  • Homebase—Post to the top online job boards for free. Manage all your candidates and scheduling from one location.
  • CareerBuilder—Access over 140 million resumes, as well as partner sites like Google for Jobs and Facebook Jobs.
  • Indeed—The number one external source of hire, with 250 million monthly visitors.
  • FlexJobs—Remote full-time, part-time, and freelance jobs.
  • Glassdoor—Provides insight into your company’s culture and opportunities. This makes it easier to attract candidates that are the right fit.
  • SimplyHired—Post to a network of over 100 job boards with one submission. 
  • Virtual Vocations—Unlimited free job postings on all approved telecommute jobs. Posted jobs are featured in email alerts to more than 800,000 job seekers.
  • Upwork (remote work only)—Connect with top freelancers through Upwork’s global network. 
  • Hired—A curated marketplace of active tech candidates.
  • ITJobPro—Ranked as one of the most popular technology job sites globally for five consecutive years. Also named the second-largest IT job board in America.

Additionally, while it may be better known for apartment listings and classified ads, Craigslist’s robust inbound traffic and low ad rates also make it a great place to promote job openings or find contract workers. 

Keep in mind that many job seekers using Craigslist are on high alert for fraudulent posts. Make your ad clear, descriptive, and transparent. 

Leverage your digital presence

While it may only engage the most active job seekers, posting open positions on your website and blog is a must. Be sure to also use relevant keywords in each job description to boost search rankings on Google. 

Additionally, you can engage many skilled service technicians through social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. Because it is so integrated into peoples’ daily lives, social media is a great way to reach in-demand IT workers who may not even be actively looking for a new job.

On Facebook, you can share job posts with your company’s current followers, or use a paid campaign to reach a larger audience. On LinkedIn, you can leverage your company’s page to reach the website’s 300 million members. That’s 300 million potential candidates!

These and other social media channels help spread your open positions far beyond the limitations of your company’s career page. Keep in mind that the most effective social media campaigns are often the result of long-term, sustained effort. Building an audience takes time, and optimizing paid campaigns requires constant testing and iteration. 

Try on-demand staffing with a talent platform

To scale your service delivery, it’s critical to have ongoing access to field technicians with specific skills and qualifications (networking certifications, for example).

On-demand talent platforms provide instant access to high-quality contract workers. You can connect with trusted technicians across North America, filtering by rating, expertise, location, ratings, certifications, background checks, and more. You can post work orders at the price of your choosing, and independent technicians bid on the work.

Field Nation focuses specifically on managed services and on-site work, with more than 100,000 IT technicians with experience at over 425,000 sites across North America. Additional on-demand talent platforms include:

  • CloudWorks––Provides highly specialized technical talent and supply chain tools
  • WorkMarket––Onboard, verify, manage, and pay contingent workers
  • Field Engineer––A global freelance marketplace that connects businesses with engineers on demand

Tap into your network

Many of your best future candidates may be referred from within your own company. Create a structured employee referral rewards program, and encourage your team to share opportunities with their own professional networks.

Keep in mind that relying too much on internal referrals may limit your exposure to the labor market. Referrals are a wonderful supplement to other recruiting activities, but they can’t replace them altogether.

Remember that access doesn’t always add up to engagement. Truly connecting with others in your industry requires time and effort. While you can pay for ads to reach members, taking the time to develop real relationships is key.

Staffing agencies

Staffing agencies can be invaluable when you need to find talent quickly. These firms prescreen and qualify candidates to help ensure the right fit. As the employer of record they also assume many of the legal responsibilities like taxes and insurance.

All this does come at a price. Typical staffing firm fees can run around twenty to thirty percent of each employee’s annual salary. 

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Building a high-quality workforce takes ongoing effort and focus. Using one approach may not cut it. A comprehensive recruiting strategy is a much better way to attract qualified IT technicians.

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