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Meet Gabriel Phillips: Helping clients improve efficiency with mass uploads

August 19, 2019


Scheduling employees and managing projects can be tricky. It’s especially difficult when you have to switch between multiple tabs. Clients lose time and efficiency without a streamlined solution for sourcing and managing job sites. 


We sat down with Gabriel Phillips, a Senior Customer Success Specialist at Field Nation, to understand how he helps his clients achieve operational excellence with mass uploads: 

As a Senior Customer Success Specialist at Field Nation, I train project management teams on how best to leverage the Field Nation platform. In a classroom setting or over web conference, I teach platform-related best practices and help implement new workflows. In an effort to achieve business goals and improve service operations, I proactively track and review platform utilization for customers to provide beneficial instruction and relevant training materials.


  1. What problems can clients solve with mass uploads? National rollouts?

With mass uploads, clients can engage qualified marketplace talent by importing anywhere from 2 to 1,000+  work orders at once. This helps clients automate the sourcing process and save on administrative costs. They no longer need to send employees to a location and bear the travel expenses, and can instead use Field Nation and pay them at the market rate. Plus, they gain access to market insights and reporting capabilities. This allows them to manage their workforce and projects from one dashboard. It can be even easier if you pair this with multi-location or bundled work orders, so you can maximize on volume for simple work with one technician. You can streamline the process and reduce layers to get more direct-to-technician. 


  1. How did they deal with these problems before Field Nation? How does Field Nation address them?

Before Field Nation, clients switched between Excel documents, email, Outlook, scheduler, different databases for contacts, and job posting sites such as Angie’s List or Craigslist to manage projects. With Field Nation, people come to us and use mass uploads to get access to market insights, technicians around the country, and reporting capabilities. 


  1. What are some of the reasons customers leverage mass uploads?

Mass imports are relevant and easy to use for both experienced Field Nation users and new buyers. Some of the main value propositions include: 

  • Time savings
  • Speed to talent
  • Marketplace insights
  • National coverage
  • Dedicated operational support
  • Workflow management tools
  • Dispatch automation
  • Access to qualified service technicians with relevant skill sets


  1. Tell me about a specific project a client ran through Field Nation. What was the outcome of the project/job?

We had one client come to us with 400+ sites across the country that they needed technicians for. It was clear from the start, based on the volume of sites, that mass uploads would be the solution. They coupled mass imports with multi-location work orders, allowing them to centralize their talent in one place. After choosing a technician for each site, the client then added those technicians to a curated talent pool that they could access in the future. This helped them save money and increase operational output and efficiency. More specifically, they cut costs on the back-end by streamlining some administrative work. With access to features such as market insights, reporting, and payment processing, they found an easier way to track client information and job sites.


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