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Field Insider: Gaining interest in your work order

December 8, 2022


Meeting your clients’ needs during peak season can be challenging. Typically, field service organizations have urgent projects that need immediate attention, which can be stressful for your team. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen your standing on the Field Nation platform and attract the technicians you need during peak season and throughout the year. Here are four practical tips for maximizing interest in your published work orders on the platform.

1. Include a descriptive title

Your work order title is one of the first things technicians see when reviewing opportunities. A clear, compelling title allows service providers to better understand the scope of work and whether the project aligns with their skills. 

For example, suppose you are creating a work order for a point-of-sales project. Instead of “POS work,” update your title to ‘Troubleshoot/repair POS – pin pad networking issue detected.”

Note that technicians only see the first few words of a work order title on their mobile device. Putting the most important information at the beginning of the title can help your work order get noticed. Also, avoid including sensitive information (such as client details) or company jargon (such as job numbers) in the title.

2. Write a clear service description

When choosing work, technicians look for clear, concise descriptions of what a particular job requires. That’s why creating a well-written work order is essential to engaging the technicians you need.

Your statement of work should include all requirements, including tools and appropriate work attire. Make your description easy to read using section headings and numbered or bulleted lists. Learn more about best practices for creating a compelling work order. 

3. Calibrate the pay

Compensation is a critical factor for technicians when selecting which work orders to request, particularly in a tight labor market. Pricing your work order at or above the marketplace average is one way to stay more competitive on the marketplace and capture prospective technicians’ attention.

Use pay rate insights to ensure your pay aligns with the type of work and location of your project. Sometimes, an alternative type of pay, such as hourly, fixed, per device, or blended might be more appealing to technicians.

Consider adjusting your rate to cover travel expenses if your project takes place outside a major city. Also, consider reimbursing for parking, and note how much you will reimburse in your service description.

4. Consider counter-offers

Counter-offers are another way to generate interest in your work order. If you have disabled the ability for technicians to submit counter-offers, technicians will not have the opportunity to counter on pay rates, schedule changes, or expenses that meet their needs. Keeping counter-offers enabled will allow you to see all interested technicians and begin negotiating with those that meet your qualifications.

Read more about counter-offers here.

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