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We work everywhere, even the funniest named towns in America

May 28, 2019


Coverage is key if you’re scaling a nationwide, on-site business and when it comes to remote locations, we’ve got you covered.

Yes, even in Okay, Oklahoma, you can find a technician to go on-site, anytime.

Our Marketplace covers all of the U.S. and we’ve helped clients get work done in some pretty funny-sounding places. No matter where your business is expanding, we can help you find the right technicians to get the job done.

Top 5 Funniest-Named Towns Our Technicians Worked In

#1 – Pigeon, Michigan (5 WO’s)

Pigeon, Michigan

This little town boasts a population just under 2,000 and can be found 3 hours north of Detroit. Even though it’s a small town in Michigan, our technicians have done 10 different work orders there with a focus on AV, telecom, and low-voltage cabling.

#2 – What Cheer, Iowa (4 WO’s)

What Cheer, Iowa Watertower

What Cheer was once a booming coal mining town in the late 1800s and, at its height, had a population just under 4,000. Today, the town’s population is just under 700. In the 10 years Field Nation has been at work, there have been 7 different work orders in What Cheer, including some for CCTV and VOIP.

#3 – Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (55 WO’s)


This bustling little town–formerly Hot Springs, New Mexico–got its name after Ralph Edwards, a 1950s radio host of the show “Truth or Consequences” challenged any town in the U.S. to change its name for the show’s.

The town, which made most of its money off its tourism industry, took his challenge in hopes that it would boost visitorship.

#4 – Okay, Oklahoma (3 WO’s)

Okay, Oklahoma High School Sign

This 2.1 square mile town has a population of just under 700 residents.

#5 – Accident, Maryland (6 WO’s)

Accident, Maryland Welcome Sign









This town has just over 300 residents–called “Accidentals”–and is one of the earliest settlements in Maryland. The town supposedly gets its name when it’s original surveyor’s had a mix up over who was surveying which areas, therefore they landed on the name Accident. In the past few years, Field Nation technicians have helped Accident with a few Pro AV and digital signage work orders.

Honorable Mentions

  1. North Pole, Alaska
  2. Embarrass, Minnesota
  3. Fertile, Iowa
  4. Hazard, Nebraska
  5. Los Baños, California
  6. Ninety Six, South Carolina
  7. Paw Paw, West Virginia
  8. Santa Claus, Arizona
  9. Searchlight, Nevada
  10. Waterproof, Louisiana

Finding the Right Techs in the Right Place

No matter the population of the town you’re working in, we aim to help you find the right technician for the job. Our coverage is extensive, and there’s almost nowhere in the U.S. where you can’t find a technician with us. A long-time client of ours, SurveyStudio found they were able to scale with the help of our platform and said, “We were doing work in every state in the nation, from major metropolitan areas to middle of nowhere, and needed the ability to scale without being tied only to key metropolitan areas.”

Field Nation Coverage Map

Field Nation Coverage Map

There is plenty of work to be done, no matter where you are.

Let us help you find your technician today.



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