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Getting paid on Field Nation

September 25, 2018


At Field Nation, we believe that great work deserves timely, fair compensation.  

Payment Terms

When reviewing work order details, you’ll be able to see work order payment terms. Work orders that reflect payment terms 14 days or longer will be displayed with the icon below.


Example payment terms:



Payment Processing Schedule

  • Work orders with 7-day terms or less that are approved by 10 am CT on Friday will be processed for payment that Friday. Work orders approved after 10 am CT on Friday will be processed the following Friday. This time was selected because it will allow a vast majority of technicians to receive payments on Friday– the same day payment was processed by Field Nation.
  • To maximize the number of work orders included in the payment, work orders with terms greater than 7 days that are approved by 11:59 pm CT on Friday will be processed on the Friday listed on the work order.

US residents can choose from two ways to receive payment:

  1. Direct deposit. Field Nation deposits funds directly into your bank account. Direct deposit typically takes 1-2 to process and appear in your account.
  2. PayPal. Receive funds directly into your PayPal account.

International users can get paid via direct deposit through American Express FX, or via PayPal.

Clear Pricing

Service providers on the Field Nation marketplace pay 10% of the total work order value.  Service providers who do not have their own insurance pay an additional 1.5%. This means if a technician completes a $200 work order, they will receive $180 if they have their own insurance, or $177 if they do not have insurance.