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InStore Focus: 100% Completion on National Rollouts

July 9, 2018


Summary: Like any smart businessperson, In-Store Focus needed to determine whether Field Nation was a viable solution. Ultimately, they needed to know that Field Nation would enable them to manage national rollouts with a small company. “It seemed reasonable and practical,” Mike reflected. “With Field Nation’s Marketplace it was clear my internal investment would be quite reasonable.”


In-Store Focus, a leading brand consultant in the retail marketing industry, uses Field Nation to execute field service projects in big-box retailers throughout North America.

Where They Started

In-Store Focus began managing retail field service events at the request of a client. Specifically, their clients were not satisfied with their execution percentages from other companies, which were around 70% at the time. “One of our biggest clients asked us to manage marketing material execution directly,” recalls Mike Nigai, CEO of In-Store Focus. That’s when Mike found Field Nation.

Like any smart businessperson, Mike needed to determine whether Field Nation was a viable solution. The companies Mike was assisting with were $100,000,000+ companies. Ultimately, he needed to know that Field Nation would enable him to manage national rollouts with his small company. “It seemed reasonable and practical,” Mike reflected. “With Field Nation’s marketplace it was clear my internal investment would be quite reasonable.”

Favorite Features

National rollouts are important for In-Store Focus as they specialize in big box stores located throughout North America. “We have to use mass uploads”, contends Mike. “By using mass uploads, I can route one work order to hundreds of service providers across the US and Canada saving time and money.” In-Store Focus also uses templates to complete similar jobs in diverse locations. “Both mass uploads and templates eliminate hours of manual data entry. Without these features, we would spend a significant amount of time on creating and dispersing work.”

Excellent Outcomes

In-Store Focus was able to close the gap in execution from 70% completion rate to more than 99%. “Using Field Nation helped us see a path to close the remaining execution gap, and achieve 100% completion on national rollouts” reflects Mike.

“For example, out of 1,000 stores we need to visit, we may only be able to 990. Prior to Field Nation, we couldn’t do anything about those 10 stores to finish the job. Now, we can pinpoint and manage any issues in those 10 remaining stores by re-staffing and sending different service providers. We can also manage expectations with our clients until their projects are 100% complete. That’s not something they could get from a traditional service company before.”

Communication tools allow In-Store Focus to better manage those client expectations. “At the end of the day it’s all about communication.” With Field Nation Mike is able to talk with service providers and receive real time updates. “We try and keep our providers updated about our quarterly and annual schedule, so we send out a forecast. This helps them know about upcoming work and ensures we have the coverage we need.”


Using Field Nation, In-Store Focus was able to grow their business into an entirely new line of work. In-Store Focus is now able to provide its clients with completion rates near 100%, even on national rollouts.

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