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Finding success as a Service Company: Interconnect Inc.

October 16, 2019


Interconnect Inc. is a national technology service company that provides technical services and internet maintenance to businesses across several industries. Founded in 1981, Interconnect originally found work opportunities by word of mouth.

When Interconnect was founded in 1981, work opportunities and technicians were found by word of mouth. Years later, when interconnect started to receive more high volume rollout projects, this sourcing strategy could no longer suffice. Customers would have them travel to four or five states to fulfill a rollout, and when they didn’t have a large project to undertake, they had trouble keeping their W2s busy.   

We spoke with David Ginsburg, director, to discuss why Interconnect got started with Field Nation, and how they recommend other service companies set themselves up for success. 

Getting started on Field Nation 

One day, someone suggested Ginsburg try using a field service platform to keep his employees’ calendars full. They explored different options, such as OnForce, before choosing Field Nation as their primary software. Now, instead of bearing travel costs for their employees, they can keep their technicians busy with local work found on Field Nation while using Field Nation’s marketplace to find coverage for out of state projects. This has provided Interconnect with time and cost savings while increasing its employee utilization. 

“Nobody wants to pay for travel nowadays, which is why we love Field Nation. We can hire a technician in Texas instead of paying someone to drive out there”. 

Strategies for success as a Service Company 

Fast forward to today, and Interconnect has managed more than 4,000 projects with Field Nation. Here are tips and tricks that Ginsburg suggests other service companies keep in mind when starting on Field Nation: 

  1. Make sure you have working tools and show up to the job site prepared. This includes having items that seem basic or unnecessary, such as a laptop. Also, make sure these tools are listed on your profile. 
  2. Remember common sense. We’re professionals. Be respectful to the contractor and the client. 
  3. Follow through. Show up when you’re supposed to and do what you say you’re going to do. This will lead to better reviews on your profile and more work opportunities. 
  4. Dress the part! Don’t wear ripped jeans or sandals. The little things matter when you’re working to make an impression, including your professional appearance. 
  5. Take a job, even if it’s a little below your normal rate. The client may need you again for a higher value job in the future. One time, I took a job that was under my typical pay rate, and over the next two years, they routed me more than 400 work orders.
  6. Build relationships. By forming bonds with your clients, you keep yourself at the top of their minds when they’re looking to fill jobs. 
  7. Pay attention to deliverables. Take photos and fill out a work order in full. This is your chance to show the client how wonderful you are and why you should be kept around. Why would you miss that opportunity?
  8. It’s all about integrity. It is important that a client can trust and rely on you. Be honest and ethical in the work that you do. This will improve your profile rating. 

As David continues growing his computer service business this year, he’s using Field Nation to find more work and strengthen existing relationships, and he recommends other service companies do the same.

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