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The business case for a labor marketplace

How Field Nation empowers service delivery leaders to improve outcomes, enhance responsiveness, and reduce costs

October 5, 2023


The need for skilled IT professionals is at an all-time high. As businesses seek to attract top talent, they are reconsidering their workforce models.


Labor marketplaces present distinct advantages over conventional models like third-party subcontractors and full-time staff. Download our guide to explore how a labor marketplace is the best option to support field service organizations.


  • The flexibility of a labor marketplace increasingly represents how field service work gets done.
  • Service delivery leaders to are empowered to build and deploy a trusted on-demand workforce.
  • Companies can build a competitive advantage across their organization.

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What customers say about Field Nation

  • "I like the control I have in selecting techs I use and how easy the website is to use. Field Nation also does a good job of making sure the field techs are solid workers."


    Chris S.

  • "We have access to hundreds of technicians nationwide. As a growing MSP, Field Nation provides us the flexibility to provide more on-site support to our clients who are further than we would typically service regularly."

    Small Business

    Tommy G.

  • "I like that you are able to search for specific requirements from a wide array of technicians all across the country. I also utilize the ability to view the individual tech profiles, how many total jobs they've completed, and what types of jobs they would be best suited for our company to utilize them for."


    User in Hospitality


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