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Faces of Field Nation: Mahfuz Abedin

July 13, 2022


Those who work on the frontlines have a uniquely insightful perspective on their industry.

For a tech company like Field Nation, these frontline workers can be found on the customer support teams. Senior Support Coordinator Mahfuz Abedin knows this very well.

“My team represents the company when we offer support to the users and service providers calling in. We’re building the company’s reputation,” he says. “No pressure, right?”

Mahfuz is an expert in his field. Since joining Field Nation’s Dhaka office in 2016, he has witnessed the support team grow into a multi-pronged organization with specialized types of support for individual issues.

“A part of what makes it all work is our relationship with all the teams in the U.S. It’s very friendly and very strong. It doesn’t feel like we are far away, even though we’re in different countries.”

The work comes with its challenges, but it also has many moments of appreciation and positive feedback.

“It’s always a pleasant surprise when I connect with a customer or technician on the phone and they remember me from talking to me before. That motivates me and lets me know I’m doing a good job. It’s probably the thing I love most about my current role.”

Mahfuz shares his experience at the company with his close family.

“I first learned about Field Nation from my older sister, who worked there before she married and moved abroad. I heard a lot about the great work environment from her. She said it was different and better than other work experiences in the area. So that made me interested.”

After getting his degree in Malaysia, Mahfuz moved back to Bangladesh and decided to get in touch with Field Nation. His positive impression of the company grew during his interview process (“I was a bit nervous, but everyone was very friendly”) and throughout his time as a member of the support team.

“The culture is really outstanding,” he says of Field Nation’s spirit. “People on other teams never hesitate to answer any questions or help out.”

“I don’t like environments that are too ‘by the book’ and don’t let you try new things,” he continues. “People at Field Nation aren’t like that. They don’t try to box you in or set unnecessary boundaries. When I need to make a decision and try something out of the ordinary, I know my team will support me.”

On weekends, Mahfuz likes to drive to the countryside to spend time with his parents and extended family.

He is also an avid gardener and has been since his childhood. In his spare time, you can find him on his balcony or in his rooftop garden tending to flowers, vegetables, and even medicinal herbs.


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