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Faces of Field Nation: Melanie Payeur

August 10, 2022


Staying active is a key part of life for Melanie Payeur, Product Marketing Manager at Field Nation.

“I’m that weirdo who loves going to the gym. It’s really a mental thing for me: It helps me run through my thoughts and process what I need to get done.”

This focus is evident in what Melanie has achieved at Field Nation. After joining the company in September 2020 as a Business Development Representative (BDR), she was quickly promoted to the sales role of Business Development Manager (BDM).

“I’m not one to turn down a challenge,” she says, referring to the transition.

As the sales wing of the company grew, Melanie found herself in a position she quite enjoyed: helping new sales hires get acclimated to Field Nation. When the opportunity arose to transition again, this time into a product marketing role, she jumped in head first.

“I enjoy occupying a supportive role,” she notes, “And there was a real need for that product marketing type of support. I saw an opportunity to develop stronger processes to help sales reps make the most of Field Nation’s dynamic environment and grow quicker.”

Immediately, the work felt rewarding and meaningful.

“When I can help other teams do their job better––or help individuals achieve what they really want to achieve in their role––I like that the best. I can provide resources that excite people and make them say, ‘Perfect, this is going to make my day easier.’ I think that’s so cool.”

This spirit of mutual support and free thinking is also what Melanie enjoys about the company as a whole.

“I love that there’s an openness here. There’s a real sense of collaboration with leadership,” she says of the company culture. “It’s not ‘Them’ vs. ‘Us.’ You actually have access to leadership, and they are open and available.”

She continues: “I am a very committed person. If I say I’m in it, I’m in it. So I love being in a space with a large amount of trust. I think it makes everybody step up to the plate. I feel that all the different teams here care about what they do. Everyone sees the bigger picture––how we can all help each other work better.”

As she considers the full scope of her Field Nation journey, BDR Manager Marty Banker gets a special shoutout.

“Marty made my experience with Field Nation as strong as it is today. He doesn’t just manage; he leads. He was willing to give a lot of himself––his day, his time, everything––to help me develop. Leading just comes effortlessly to him.”

In her spare time, Melanie is a fitness buff who also teaches scuba diving (she met her husband, Erik, on a scuba trip to Cozumel). She and Erik also routinely take on home improvement projects (they recently built their own sauna) and travel to new destinations.

“I want to go everywhere,” she says. “If it’s adventuring in a new place, I’m down. I always want to go.”


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