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Four reasons to use on-demand labor for low-voltage work

August 10, 2022


Nearly every field service project requires low-voltage cabling. With the right approach, managed service providers (MSPs) can capitalize on opportunities in low-voltage work

Most MSPs outsource low-voltage cabling because it’s time-consuming and specialized. Additionally, the work has to be neat and orderly, which makes cabling more art than science. 

Why should MSPs consider on-demand labor for low-voltage cabling rather than vendors or subcontractors? Here are four compelling reasons.

1. On-demand labor gives MSPs more control

When MSPs use vendors, they often don’t have control over the technician selection process. But sourcing individual subcontractors can be a significant administrative burden. Plus, it can be difficult to have enough oversight. 

In contrast, using on-demand labor through platforms like Field Nation gives companies more control over the quality of delivery. On-demand labor platforms enable MSPs to vet technicians based on criteria such as required skills, experience, background checks and drug screenings. 

2. Full-time employees should be used for other work

Low-voltage cabling isn’t technically complex but is very time-consuming. That’s why MSPs should use their employees for higher-value work and more strategic projects. Another option is to use full-time employees to lead other technicians on large low-voltage projects.

3. Multiple technicians are often required

Low voltage projects typically need many technicians, especially in new construction. MSPs may not have that many workers to spare. By using on-demand labor, MSPs can access the resources they need without adding full-time staff. 

4. The work requires a lot of consumables

Cabling is often the largest consumables expense in a field service project. With on-demand labor, MSPs don’t need to carry inventory and instead rely on technicians to provide the necessary cables.

Looking for experienced low-voltage technicians?

Field Nation on-demand techs have expertise across industries and building types. Contact us for a free consultation if you need support for upcoming low-voltage work.


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