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The power of integration

January 5, 2024


Field Nation offers a seamless workflow with pre-built integrations for your existing systems, enabling greater scale and efficiency for your organization. Enhance your dispatching team’s daily operations by connecting your field service delivery system to the #1 labor marketplace for IT field service.

See how you can transform your dispatch capabilities by enriching your FSM with a Field Nation integration.


  • 25% time savings in vetting and dispatching
  • 15 minutes saved per work order
  • 10% time savings on cost tracking for back office staff

"Before using the Field Nation-Salesforce integration, our team had to ‘swivel’ between platforms. This meant double the work and was definitely not optimal. The integration has saved time and allowed us to provide clients with real-time updates on project status, which is critical for our business."

VP of Service Solutions & Engineering

Jason Gay

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