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Using an RMM for remote work? You also need a solution for on-site.

November 19, 2019


A Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system is essential for routine maintenance. Unfortunately, it won’t do the entire job by itself. MSPs need a similar tool to efficiently handle time-intensive on-site projects.

Integrating your existing RMM with an on-site IT platform with on-demand labor:

  • Streamlines critical workflows.
  • Centralizes your day-to-day operations.
  • Helps you serve more clients.

Increase Efficiency

With an RMM system, your technicians no longer have to travel from office to office to access a client’s devices. This freedom to work remotely helps you deliver the best possible response times. It also makes it far easier to serve clients on a fixed monthly plan.

Of course, there are situations that will still require a technician to be physically on-site. This is where an on-site solution with on-demand talent becomes invaluable. It enables you to efficiently source, manage, and route projects to your entire field service workforce. Dispatchers can easily track progress in real-time, view photo uploads, identify at-risk work orders, and manage every aspect of a project.

Centralize Your Data

Relying on disparate systems to track multiple projects can quickly get overwhelming.

Both RMM and on-site talent platforms centralize many of your remote and on-site operations. This helps make planning and decision-making much easier by reducing the need to bounce back and forth between siloed data.

Integrations with widely-used applications help you:

  • Streamline workflows for both remote monitoring as well as field service management. 
  • View employee, contractor, customer, incident ticketing, and project data from one screen.
  • Dispatch tasks to your entire pool of employees and contractors.
  • Ensure faster on-site arrival and service times. 
  • Assign work orders, receive real-time updates from the field, and communicate with customers.

Scale Your Services

When you’re trying to juggle dozens of customer issues, every second counts. It’s critical to avoid wasting time on unnecessary manual processes and focus on more important work.

An RMM lets you manage many systems at once, making it easier to serve more clients than a traditional break-fix provider.

When on-site visits are needed, an on-site IT platform with on-demand labor enables dispatchers to assign work based on skillset, experience, certifications, and location. They can automatically assign projects to available salaried staff first. Or they can reroute work orders to contract technicians to fill coverage and skill gaps.

This makes it possible to profitably run complex multi-site services at scale. Fill labor gaps and balance out the peaks and valleys in field service demand—all without overloading your full-time employees.


MSPs need the right tools to be successful. 

  • Remote Monitoring and Management software gives you the flexibility to serve more clients. 
  • On-demand labor platforms help you leverage a blended field workforce for on-site projects and rollouts.

By combining an on-site labor platform with an RMM, you can offer the level of service needed to thrive in today’s competitive environment.

If you’re a Field Nation user, you can integrate with ConnectWise and Datto RMM. Learn more about our integrations or get started today.


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